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Mufti Menk expresses tenderness for Pakistani tea

Zimbabwean Islamic scholar Ismail ibn Musa Menk. — Instagram

Zimbabwean Islamic scholar Ismail ibn Musa menk, who is currently in Pakistan in help in flood victims, loved of Pakistani tea.

In a video that goes viral on social media you can see Mufti Menk with cup of tea, appreciating its taste.

Mufti Menk said he was staying at a hotel on highway and drinking tea from Super Madina restaurant.

Speaking about Pakistan and its people, the scholar said that people very welcoming. “The culture and places here are very beautiful,” he said. added.

During his visit to Pakistan, the Islamic scholar visited some of Sindh, which is the most affected province. He noted that the situation was “unimaginable” and called on in people donate as much as possible to alleviate a difficult situation of in people.

“Please do your best with any trusted charitable organization or partner for affected. We will have to help for in next A FEW YEARS,” Menk said when Pakistan moves to rehabilitation of in flood-hit people.

Menk said he visited Pakistan with just one intention: reach out by providing some help and creating further awareness of the plight of in millions who have been affected by devastating floods.

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