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MSI announces television-like MEG 551U 55″ OLED monitor

Hardware manufacturer MSI continues to offer gaming monitors. Beginning in 2022, the portfolio will expand with more 4k models at high frame rates, a growing range of Quantum Dot displays and a television-like 55″ giant.
For PC gamers, new MPG Artymis models take center stage. Under the guise of ‘QD Premium Color’, MSI is introducing more Quantum Dot displays, such as the MPG Artymis 273CQRX-QD and MPG Artymis 273CQR-QD.

The same models appeared earlier this year as DisplayHDR 400-certified curved wqhd monitors, but the QD revisions bring a wider color gamut. However, MSI does not yet reveal how much brighter or more colorful the image will become.

The new MEG Artymis 341 Mini LED also falls under the Quantum Dot banner, but stands alone. This model is guaranteed to have a DisplayHDR 1000 certificate, thanks to AUO’s locally dimmable AmLED panel behind it.

Promotionele afbeelding van de MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD-monitor.

Promotionele afbeelding van de MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD-monitor.
For console gamers MSI introduces the Optix MPG321UR-QD, a flat 4k monitor at 144 hertz, including HDMI 2.1 connection and associated variable refresh options. MSI promises “zero latency, but spared further details about that promise.

As a bonus, MSI offers their own KVM 3.0 feature, which allows the controller can be used to adjust screen settings. Promotional material of the monitor shows it is “designed for Xbox”, whether the feature will work with PlayStation controllers, for example, is unclear.
Promotionele afbeelding van de MSI MEG Artymis 341 Mini LED-monitor.


Of the 55″ large MEG 551U is not much known yet – apart from the fact that MSI now also wants to conquer the living room. With “oled” in the title it is clear what kind of screen panel MSI has in mind, but no further specifications have yet been discussed.

A still unknown Trident system can be seen in the promotional material. The MSI MAG Trident S looks like a slimmed-down pre-build, which seems to match the MEG 551U with an Xbox One X-esque design and brushed aluminum. Presumably we also see that system not appear before 2022.

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