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Mr. Beast Responds to The Criticisms Made Against The Video on Eye Surgery

The world’s most well-known YouTuber responded to criticism levied at him after a video revealed that he has assisted in several life-altering surgeries.

Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast reveals in the piece that he paid for 1,000 people’s cataract operations so they may regain their eyesight.

Despite having over 71 million views, some have denounced the film as “charity porn.”

Jimmy Donaldson, 24, responded to allegations that Mr. Beast videos were made for profit by tweeting that “the average MrBeast film lost $1,500,000 last year.”

He further said that the video “raised awareness.”

The world’s most famous YouTuber, MrBeast, who has 131 million followers, first said he only anticipated a few people to watch the video.

The expense and accessibility of eye surgery in various regions of the globe raised questions and worries as more people saw the film.

Rich influencers, according to some, shouldn’t be utilized to attempt to solve larger issues in society and healthcare.

Some people disagree with him, however, and they applaud him for raising awareness.

The National Federation of the Blind of the UK’s Andrew Hodgson said: “Anything that raises awareness of such curable eye diseases as cataracts and offers funds for individuals to have surgery to regain their sight should be welcomed.

Mr. Beast

Why would somebody condemn this piece of art and spread awareness through movies and social media?

“Encouraged to see the subject of the global eye health burden being brought to a broad public audience,” Sightsavers, a global group, said in a statement.

“Eye health is commonly disregarded, although eye health equals opportunity, allowing individuals to earn,” they observed. This is true when it comes to talks about global health.

According to a Twitter user, “the fact that it required charity for these folks to get assistance emphasizes the issue.”

Another commenter said that although paying for 1000 blind people’s eye surgeries is a good gesture, utilizing that act of compassion as entertainment transforms it into tacky and tasteless charity porn.

According to Dr. Jeff Levinson, the physician who assisted the social media celebrity, “those who require a 10-minute procedure account for half of all blindness in the world.”

Videos by MrBeast are well renowned for their generous cash giveaways, prizes, and charitable endeavors.

He established a second nonprofit that serves as a food bank to feed communities around the US in 2021. It has amassed more than 10 million followers on YouTube.

According to the NHS, more than two million individuals in the UK are living with sight loss, 340,000 of whom are listed as blind or partially sighted.

Let’s say that a person’s decreasing vision affects their quality of life. In such a situation, the NHS offers evaluation and surgery if needed.

Over 44,000 cataract surgeries were performed in the UK in only one month in 2021, according to the Royal College of Optometrists.

Despite the conflicting reactions, MrBeast’s influence on individuals who had surgery may be seen in the emotional response of those he assisted.

One patient, a former cashier who had to leave his job because his sight loss was so bad, stated, “I didn’t believe I was ever going to see again.”

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