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Mothers of protesters, Iranian MP admitted to killing them: Get out of your hole and we will prosecute you

After the deputy head of the judiciary in the Iranian parliament, Hassan Norouzi, boasted, in an interview, of contributing to the killing of demonstrators during the November 2019 protests and defiantly asked, “Who wants to prosecute me?”, a group of mothers of the victims of those protests responded in a videotape, saying They are ready to prosecute him if he comes out of his “nest” without a bodyguard, weapons, batons and an electro-shock device.

The mothers tell this representative, who is a cleric, that they “are not afraid of imprisonment and death” and protest against the authorities, like their sons In the November protests against the government, peacefully and without weapons.

One of the mothers said to Norouzi: “You live in your dens and you have 30 companions and then you say, we killed and no one can judge us, come to the center of the square, and your trial is upon us, get out.” Like us, with empty hands, we do not fear death or imprisonment.”

Representative Hassan Norouzi said yesterday, Sunday, in an interview with the “Iran Monitor” website, when referring to the November 2019 protests and the People’s Court in London To prosecute Iranian officials involved in the suppression of protesters: “I was the one who shot and killed people,” now who wants to prosecute us? There is evidence that “a protester in November 2019 set a bank on fire and we killed him.”

Contrary to this MP’s denial of deaths during those massive protests that erupted in 100 Iranian cities, Iranian officials say that between 200 and 225 people were killed in the protests, but Amnesty International has so far confirmed the names of 323 protesters, while Reuters reported that at least 1,500 people were killed during the protests, based on its sources in Iranian government institutions.

Fake interview Hypocrites

These statements spread quickly in the Persian-speaking media and ignited comments on social media platforms. After the negative repercussions, MP Hassan Norouzi told the Iranian Parliament website that this is a “fake interview and reporter.” And “I felt that the journalist who gave the interview was a hypocrite.”

This MP criticized the International People’s Court on the November events, which ended its work yesterday in the British capital, saying that it was a court “in favor of the rioters.”

Iranian government officials call the November 2019 protesters “rioters,” Noro said. Ze on the November 2019 protests: “No one was killed in November 1998.”

On the other hand, the International People’s Court is scheduled to issue its decision in 2022 and remains open to receiving complaints. Whether the crimes attributed to the authorities of the Islamic Republic, including to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and the current President Ebrahim Raisi, who was then head of the judiciary, regarding the November 2019 protests, are considered crimes against humanity.

The share of the Arab city of Ma’shour in the south of Ahvas was more victims than other cities, where the regime used heavy weapons to suppress peaceful demonstrators, according to reports by human rights organizations.

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