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‘Most unfortunate’: FO rejects Afghan Taliban’s claim that Pakistani airspace was being used for Zawahiri hit – World

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FO) on On Sunday, they rejected claims by the Afghan Taliban to use Pakistani airspace. for US strike that killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

FO’s answer came later, earlier in In the afternoon, Afghan Defense Minister Mohammad Yaqub Mujahid blamed Pakistan of provision of airspace for American drones invaded his country, claiming the incursions were a continuation of “Washington”invasion”.

The mujahideen’s comments came less than a month after US President Joe Biden announced al-Zawahiri killing in drone strike in Kabul.

American drones continue to fly over Kabul even now, Mujahid said.

“Our information shows that they (US drones) enter Afghanistan from Pakistan, using air space of Pakistan,” Mujahid told reporters when asked where the drones were flying from.

“We demand that Pakistan should No allow its airspace will be used against us”.

The deployment of these drones in Afghanistan is “still clear invasion of Afghanistan and its airspace by the Americans,” Mujahid said.

“They do it godlessly. We condemn this illegal act and demand that the Americans put an end to it.”

Drone attack in July, when Zawahiri, the successor to al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, was assassinated, was first famous hit usa on goal in Afghanistan after Washington withdrew its troops from the country on August 31 last year.

Mujahid says authorities are investigating Biden’s claims of killing Zawahiri. “We will share details when complete,” he said.

In response to the Taliban’s claims, TF spokesman Asim Iftikhar Ahmad issued a press release stating that Pakistan had taken note of the mujahideen’s allegations. with “deep concern”.

“In the absence of of any evidence, as acknowledged by the Afghan minister himself, such presumptive statements are highly regrettable and defy the norms of responsible diplomatic behaviour.

“Pakistan reaffirms its faith in sovereignty and territorial integrity of of all States and condemns terrorism in in all its forms and manifestations.

FO urged the Afghan authorities to “ensure execution” of international obligations made Afghanistan not to allow in use of its territory for terrorism against any country.

Tensions on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan have risen after the Taliban took over power last year, with Islamabad claims militant groups are carrying out regular attacks from a neighboring country.

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