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Most telecommuting jobs use software to monitor employees

According to an online survey of 1,250 U.S. employers conducted by the Digital.com Business Evaluation Platform in September, most employers who work from home use monitoring software to track their employees. Some or all of the employees in the companies surveyed worked remotely.

Respondents often cited productivity as the primary reason for monitoring, and only 14 percent did not notify employees of monitoring activities. More than half of the employers surveyed (52 percent) had employees who spent one to four hours a day away from work or on the Internet, regardless of their job, while 27 percent had employees who spent more than five hours a day that way.

Advertising and information technology employers were most likely to use tracking software, and 81 percent of respondents said productivity increased after installing such software, writes Digital.com

Although not a viable path for all professions, teleworking is leading to significant changes in HR policy and practice. It can also cause changes that affect entire industries. Recent reports in the US have documented the exodus of technology workers who have left the San Francisco-based technology area (Bay Area) or live and work outside of other industry hotspots due to flexible employment opportunities.

But both telecommuting and employee supervision are concepts that preceded the COVID-19 epidemic, even though workers may be more aware of them because of the changes of the past year and a half. Productivity is not the only reason employers can track employee activity. Others argue that the technology is being used to track relationships or protect intellectual property.

In previous interviews with HR Dive, compliance experts have nevertheless warned employers about the need for remote employee tracking legislation. and the additional benefits and risks associated with it, such as the possibility that monitoring can take the place of good management practices.

There is also an employee perspective: According to a 2018 survey, about a quarter of respondents said their employer “went unreasonably far” in monitoring employees. Others also note that employee tracking can conflict with employee electronic privacy, CIO Dive summed up the experience.

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