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Mortada Mansour speaks out on his re-imprisonment for insulting President Al-Ahly

“Fired” Zamalek President Mortada Mansour has expressed anger after the Cairo Court of Economic Offenses ruled that he would be re-imprisoned for 3 months and fined on charges of “insult and slander”. Al-Ahli President Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

Yesterday (Tuesday), Muhammad Osman, the legal adviser of the Al-Ahli Club, announced via his Facebook account that a new decision had been made against Mansour, providing for his imprisonment and a fine.

Osman said: “The Court of Economic Offenses, headed by Councilor Ibrahim Salih, ordered in his presence to imprison a man named Mortada Ahmed Mansour for 3 months, releasing him on bail of £10,000, fined him £20,000 and ordering him to pay temporary compensation in the amount of £10,000.”

And he continued: “I ordered him to pay the costs and expenses of the case No. 728 of 2023 on economic offenses in Cairo, filed by us in favor of Capt. in insult, insult and misuse of means of communication and breach of order.”

Mansour reacted to the ruling on his imprisonment with a video on his YouTube channel, in which he said: “I want to talk not about the decisions of the judiciary, but about the articles of the law that are being considered on the basis of which the ruling was issued against me for 3 months, during First, there is no provision for imprisonment.

He added: “The law only talks about a fine, and in this particular case I have already sought an acquittal, but I will not comment on court decisions, and only the judge in the coffin will be responsible for this decision. “

Previously, Mansour was imprisoned for a period of one month, namely from February 25 to March 25, 2023, on charges of insulting and slandering Mahmoud Al-Khatib, while the Administrative Court in Cairo ruled to exclude his membership from the post President Board of Directors Zamalek.

Source: Zamalek Today

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