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More than 3 million children are subject to lifelong diseases in flood-hit regions

As a result of recent catastrophic floods in Pakistan, over 3.1 million children and about 650,000 unborn children expected to be born in in next three to five weeks, are prone to severe lifelong illness due to several waterborne, vector-borne and airborne diseases.

This warning was issued by the Postdoctoral Academy of Asia and Oceania (AOPDA) in his report titled “First Impact Review of 2022 Torrential flood in Pakistan” issued by the Spokesperson for organization, here on Sunday.
The report warns that millions of children can sign a contract various infectious diseases, including leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV) and diseases associated with cell-mediated immunity (CMI) as result of in post- consequences of flooding.
The report says that unprecedented rains and subsequent floods flooded more two-thirds of rural areas of Pakistan, leaving over 6.4 million people in horrible need of humanitarian aid. The Assessment Report on “Epidemiological Disaster Susceptibility and Pandemic Outbreak” titled “Aurangzeb Khafi’s DESPO Assessment” sternly warns of an increasingly worse situation in in aftermath of high tides from strong monsoon of 2022.
Evaluation alert warns of climb in infectious diseases, including but not limited to fatal leptospirosis because of toxic releases due to pollutants carried by flood waters. “A lot of of these indicators have been clearly defined and clearly labeled in in post-catastrophe cursors of DESPO evaluation report of floods of 2014 also; but who troubles himself to remember, awaken, or learn from previous disasters. says Chief Investigator of DESPO Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Khafi.
In many hard-hit areas of In Pakistan, poorly maintained sewers are overflowing, carrying heavy toxins and industrial residues with them, thus contaminating drinking water sources. flood waters in high concentrations of toxicity are observed in many areas and there are strong indications of the presence of arsenic along with significant amount of other toxins coming from industrial effluents. And if the situation prevails for another 10-15 days, he will become the master of the series of dangerous diseases, especially in pregnant women women as well as children- alert report.
Malnutrition and malabsorption rates in children, especially those in refugee camps becomes three times the emergency threshold, measured in accordance with the WFP-WHO parameters set by the UN, warns DESPO-Flood-2022.
UNICEF also states that, according to the Children’s Climate Risk Index (CCRI), Pakistan is a known “climate hotspot” and a country where children are considered to be “extremely high risk to impacts of climate change, 14th out of 163 CCRI ratings countries and regions, putting Pakistan in “Extremely high risk” classification category in Index. Children in ‘extremely high risk’ countries face a deadly combination of impacts of several climate and environmental shocks combined with high levels of the underlying vulnerability of children due to the inadequacy of basic services such as water, sanitation and basic health services.
According to the revealed statistics in a recent statement released by the World Health Organization (WHO), “6.4 plus a million people are in horrible need of humanitarian aid, including 421,000 refugees.”
“Giving, childbirth or pregnancy is not the same of phenomena that may be postponed or delayed for disasters that will over – or even be “set on Keep’ for in policy- work must be completed. Everything that needs to be done needs to be done right now. Whatever the steps, the necessary procedures or measures to be taken must be taken here and now, without delay of one day,” argues Professor Hafi.

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