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More than 2,000 Salvadorans will learn about Bitcoin this week

More than 2000 Salvadorans will learn about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain during the Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference, this week in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador. At least that is how the organizer, Rodolfo Andragnes, considers it from the registrations for both face-to-face and online attendees.

The inaugural press conference took place at the Bambú Center of the Zona Rosa of the city, where its organizers, sponsors and even participated the Ambassador of El Salvador in the United States, Milena Mayorga.

The ambassador highlighted several important points about the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, as well as the holding of the conferences.

“ We had years, or I do not remember, a conference where the eyes of the world were in El Salvador. And the whole world is going to be able to appreciate how the Bitcoin Law has been implemented, how we have a national portfolio like Chivo Wallet “, he said.

In this sense, he affirmed that Both LaBitconf and the AdoptingBTC conference, which also takes place this week, has revived the tourism sector, taking over hotels with hundreds of bitcoiners, investors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over the world.

“This is an effort to also reactivate, it is an effort that has been spearheaded Rodolfo and all his staff [equipo] and they have made the call; We have accompanied you in giving you all the facilities to meet all the requirements of a conference of this magnitude. It is also a great sign that El Salvador continues to bet on economic freedom, it continues to bet on a new financial model and financial inclusion where Salvadorans around the world are part of the Chivo Wallet. ”

Milena Mayorga, Ambassador of El Salvador to the US

For his part, Chris Hunter, co-founder of the Galoy payment infrastructure, which works on the Lightning network of Bitcoin, was clear in its goals: to achieve that with Bitcoin any company, person or government, can be its own bank . Hunter is also the organizer of the Adopting Bitcoin conference, more focused on the Lightning network.

“We realized that many banks and business leaders in El Salvador did not yet understand the potential Bitcoin, which is why we decided to do the conference, ”he said.

Salvadoran programmers attend hackathon on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

While the press conference was going on, and for the rest of the day, a hackathon was held, where Salvadoran developers and of all nationalities met to meet the challenge of creating products based on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The challenges to be met were varied, such as developing applications for payment management institutions with bitcoin (BTC), for microcredits based on BTC and other cryptocurrencies, for transparency in public tenders, among others.

Francisco Calderón and Cristobal Pereira during the LaBitConf Hackathon. Image by CriptoNoticias.

Well-known developers such as Dulce Villarreal and Francisco Calderón participate as mentors in this hackathon, both specialized in Bitcoin and Lightning, as well as Solange Gueiros, with a greater focus on Ethereum and smart contracts.

The hackathon will continue to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, November 16. At the end, the teams will present their developments, opting for prizes of USD 10,000 to distribute, equivalent to an approximate of 0.15 BTC, according to the calculator of CriptoNoticias prices.

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