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more Conservative voters see of Liz Truss, the smaller they are like she, polls show | Liz Truss

Liz Truss survived a dramatic fall in ratings among people who voted Conservative in 2019 general elections in August, despite on heading for win in party leadership and become prime minister This week.

latest Opinium poll for in Observer shows while 49% of people who voted tory in 2019 thought Truss “looks like a prime minister in waiting” at the beginning of August, it dropped to just 31% by August 30th.

Likewise, while 55% said she was competent at start of By the end of August, that had fallen to 35% among 2019 Conservative voters. of month. And yet 52% of the same voters thought she was pretty on start of August, only 31% believe that way by the end of month.

Farm problems

Previously published survey on August 3rd came after Truss had two weeks. of they talk about him as a leader who has won her way through to final runoff among party members, against in former Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

In contrast, a later poll was conducted a few weeks later. of disturbing stories about electricity bills and shortages of clarity from both Trass and Sunak on how they would help people. During the same period of labor party published its proposals to freeze electricity bills in autumn, protection people with 80% increases, which initially helped his position in the poll.

While the ratings of the track on a range of questions plummeted. in august, those for Sunak had declined far less. Notably, 35% of 2019 Conservative voters said in later poll – near the end of competition for leadership – what Sunak “looks like like a prime minister in expectations” – while only 31% had it view of Farm.

Poll suggests Truss may have benefited from fact so much party members abandoned their votes early in august before decline in her ratings.

James Crouch of Opinium said: “If Liz Truss becomes prime minister on Monday, it will be because she got attention of Conservatives at a decisive point in in campaign. However, she will arrive in Downing Street with a lot of of this initial enthusiasm on a decline that even conservatives consider out of touch and with unpopular views.

General Labor lead for 4 points on 38% (-1 on two weeks ago), while the Tories increased their vote share up to 34% (+3) compared with mid August.

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