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Monsoon monster returns to Pakistan but many are here to help

Does help really reach the deserving? people? And if so, is it enough? All these donations are temporary relief.

BUT reality that everyone is used to call deceit and conspiracy theory are now alive in the worst way possible. Catastrophic forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods hit in world. Country like Pakistan contributes only one percent to global carbon emissions and on on the other hand, Europe and North America contribute the most. However, Pakistan is the country most affected by the consequences. of what people have done with world due to its geographical location location, making it highly sensitive to climate change. Pakistan is located in en area of in world exposed of two main weather systems. Can cause high temperatures and drought, like March heat, while the other provides monster monsoon rains.

Devastating floods in Pakistan serves as a wakeup call to the rest of globe about dangers of changing of the climate. Feeling of injustice is acutely felt in country. Over 1100 people died and millions flooded in Pakistan. One third of Pakistan currently under water that surpassed all threshold and we saw the norm in in past. Moreover, Pakistan face an average annual loss of $2.24 billion due to natural disasters. Provinces of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were the hardest hit. of in people were killed women as well as children.

Broken hearts, tears eyes and loud screams are heard and seen as the floods wreak havoc in Sindh, Balochistan, Nowshera, Swat and other parts in Northern part of country. flood the water washed away many people’s dreams; many cries and squeals were silenced, innocent and weak lives were separated from their loved ones. A lot of homes were broken and the soles were eaten by the merciless flood water. Not one could do anything; all they could do was stand and watch.

However, every effort is being made made many simply reduce damage caused monster rain season in Pakistan, since it is almost impossible to completely eliminate the damage. Pakistani forces, government foreign friends and the United Nations (UN) are trying reduce risks of these flash floods by setting up early warning systems and protective infrastructures in place. Rescue work in progress out for injured population. pakistani army, like always, carries out these operations and helps those who lost everything during this time. Food, clothing, shelter and other essentials are delivered regularly. Rescue operations save not only people, but also animals. Foreign countriesNGOs and international organizations also sending in great amount of funding and donations to help out.

However, many questions arise: does help really reach the deserving, the helpless? people? And even if it is, is that enough? While I was in Charsada, I noticed that the army and many private organizations distributed bedding and medicines that residents needed. In the opinion of many people, help reaches some and they are grateful, but some do not reach help They need as id cards are required some aid distribution agencies. Unfortunately, since many local people lost all my documentation in in floodthey couldn’t get the help or packages they needed. Other issue occurrence is repetition of help everyone family receives. Families repeatedly send different family members of in family get some bags of soldering. In addition, many say that the assistance is temporary. help. Their means of income – the fields they used to grow crops in – were completely destroyed. Hence it is temporary help and the worst is yet to come.

All these funds and donations can help people survive for but it won’t bring back peoplex homes which they made with all of them hard work, or their livelihood. The only hope for people of Pakistan has that God stop the chain of unprecedented rains in country, so misery may end here and they may move forward to build a new life.

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