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Money, stamps and the national anthem – everything will change, now Charles is king

At the Old Bailey on Friday morning the bailiff stood up and called for silence, inviting the king justices approach and give their presence before proclaiming “God Save the King”.

It started of serious transition, in pomp, iconography, and even language of British daily life will need adapt to the new man, my lord.

Take the currency. There is currently £4.5 billion bank notes in appeal with late queen face on them, worth £80 billion – all of which will remain legal tender, but which will be gradually replaced with king image.

This is expected to take at least two years for a new note to be designed and widespread.

issue did not arise before, because Queen Elizabeth II was first monarch featured on British bank notes – her face used on 1 pound note in 1960. Prior to this, the notes were illustrated with Britain, Bank of England emblem because it foundation in 1694.

New coins with the image of the king will also need will be minted but not expected in general appeal for sometime.

Royal Mint Advisory Committee to send recommendations for new coins to the chancellor and get royal approval. Queen’s coins did not appear until 1953. year after her entry.

Queen Elizabeth II coins are expected to remain in use until they are gradually replaced. it was usually in in past find coins of different monarchs in circulation at the same time.

The Royal Mint also announced announcement about the timing of change will made after a period of mourning is complete.

When new coins appear, the king is expected face to leftopposite direction late queen – a tradition that was in place since restoration of monarchy in 1660.

Only Edward VIII broke this tradition, but abdicated before the prototype coins were issued.

Brands and military medals will also switch to the silhouette of king as soon as the image is agreed and passports will now be issued in the name of the king.

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