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Monday’s investigation firing accident complete: Army chief

New Delhi, May 10: Army Commander General Manoj Pandey on Monday said that the investigation on December 4 firing accident in The Mun district of Nagaland has been completed and the report is now under legal scrutiny.

in interaction with a group of Journalists, is also suggest it standard operating Procedures and exercises can be refined, based on on the findings of the report.

Failed counterinsurgency operation in Oteng village in mon district of Nagaland took people’s lives of 14 civilians, and triggered huge public cry in the state.

The military had ordered a high-level investigation into the incident. probe team headed by a pioneer general.

“The investigation into the Moon incident has been completed. The report has been submitted and the legal examination is underway.” of The report takes place, said General Pandey.

“merely like in The pastIf we find some personnel who did not follow standard operating Procedures and guidelines, act in accordance with due process of law of military He said.

The army chief indicated that the report examined aspects such as the review of The standard operating Procedures (SOP) and refinement exercises.

“It’s all part of He said in response to a question whether the military is changing any standard operating procedures.

General Pandey suggested that this operation of Deficiencies will be based treatment on the findings of the report.

“Some of she has already He said “.

Regardless of the court of Investigation by the army and the state government water spring special Investigation team to investigate the accident.

The military described the incident as “extremely unfortunate.” (PTI)

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