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Modi in Gujarat: In 8 years, we made sincere efforts to build India of dreams of Gandhi and Sardar Patel, says evening

Highlighting centrist BJP-led government’s achievements over The last Eight years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that party was working for building Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel’s dream in India of. The center seeks to serve the poor and the unemployed in particular in times of Prime Minister Modi said.

speaking in public event in Rajkot, Gujarat, and prime minister talk about how The center served the nation during the Covid-19 pandemic. “When the epidemic started, there was problem of Food and drink in In front of me of Poor people, we opened granaries of He said.

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He went on To describe the tremendous influence of a country’s culture and values on he and how They paid him to serve the country. “I have left will spare no effort in the service of home because of of The values ​​and education I received here. The people of Gujarat taught me how to me live for community, he said.

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the prices of Fertilizers up Because of the pandemic and war. But the government guarantees the offer: PM

Subsequently, the Prime Minister addressed a symposium of leaders of various Cooperative Institutions on Theme of “Sahakar Se Samriddhi” in Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar. More than 7000 actors from various Cooperative Institutions of The state participated in Symposium.

There, Modi almost opened world’s first Liquid Nano Urea Plant by India Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) near Kalul City in Gandhinagar district. it has been built in cost of About 175 crores.

The newly released urea nanoliquid contains higher Nutrients use efficiency, which will enhance crop production and increase farmers’ income, and official From IFFCO said on Saturday.

It was a nano urea plant set up by IFFCO to provide farmers with the means to increase productivity and help increase their income.

Speaking to the leaders of cooperative enterprises at the symposium, Modi said that prices of Fertilizer increased due to the pandemic and war in Ukraine, but government ensured that farmers in country no face Shortage of Urea and other inputs.

“We will do everything required He said in a seminar on Cooperatives here.

Each bag weighs 50 kg of Imported urea costs 3,500 rupees. But, it is offered to farmers at a price of Rs 300, which means that government Spend 3200 rupees on Each bag,” the Prime Minister noted out.

he is also He said that the villages in Gujarat owes its prosperity to the dairy cooperative movement. cooperative model he is required for The development of villages prime minister He said.

Prime Minister Modi has arrived in Rajkot on Saturday morning as newly opened–built Matushri KDP Multispecialty Hospital in Atkotvillage in two bodies taluka of Rajkot district in Gujarat. “When people’s efforts bind with Government efforts, our strength in service increases. This modern hospital (KDP Multispecialty Hospital) in Rajkot is a prime example for This, Prime Minister Modi said in the post.

This will be the prime minister second visit two bodies in Last few years. Modi had addressed an election rally in taluka during last Gujarat State Assembly Elections in 2017. Remarkably, this is region Where is the BJP? faced Difficult test.

While addressing a gathering at Atkut, Modi said he spared no effort while serving the country in The last eight yearsAnd she didn’t do anything of the sort work that will make people Hang their heads in Shame. during this period , government he worked for Boarding of the poor prime minister He said.

“Mahatma Gandhi wanted India in which were poor, dalits, adivasis and women They are empowered, with hygiene and health being a part of life where economy Based on on swadeshi (local), Modi said, adding that his solution government he worked for all of this.

In the last Eight years, pucca homes have been provided for over three Crore families; 10 Crore families saved from this shame of open defecation (by way of construction of latrines), nine crore women Rescued from negative impact of smoke (by providing LPG connections); Electricity connections were provided to 2.5 Crore households and tap water connections were provided to six Crore families; over 50 crores people Modi said they are covered for free treatment (under the PMJAy insurance scheme).

“this is not just Numbers, but this is a guide of Our commitment to providing dignity to the poor of Country. In the last eight years oh government he worked for Boarding of He said.

With the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas aur sab ka Prayas’ (everyone supporteverybody development And everyone’s trust), we made it new direction to me development of Moody said. Prime Minister added He did not study poverty from books or on television as he had experienced himself phase.

Modi who visited him home country come around six Months before the assembly elections, he said double engine government (in the center and the state) ensure fast easy growth of Gujarat, which he asserted was not the case prior to 2014.

“because of double engine governmentGujarat check new heights of development. Before 2014, things were different. If we send any development project From files to center (UPA government), they are accustomed to refusal. They couldn’t see any of it development project…,” He said.

With Gujarat Association Surveys just Months later, Prime Minister Modi addressed 17 events in for him home state since March.

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