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Moderna President: I rule out that the current vaccines will block Omicron!

In a disappointing statement, the president of the pharmaceutical company Moderna ruled out that vaccines against Covid-19 are as effective against the mutated Omicron strain of coronavirus as it was for the Delta strain. With the Financial Times, today, Tuesday, about vaccines and the response to the new mutation, “the effectiveness will not be at the same level … that we had with Delta.”

He added, “I think there will be a fundamental shortcoming. I don’t know.” The amount of it is because we need to wait for the data. But all the scientists I spoke to … suggested it.”

In contrast, the CEO of the American pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, Albert Borla, confirmed that he was “confident” of The antiviral pill “Paxlovid” that the company developed to treat people with corona is effective against the new mutation.

He also explained in statements to CNBC News that Pfizer now expects to manufacture 80 million cycles of the drug, an increase from the target.


These statements came at a time when information was conflicting about this new strain of the virus that It appeared for the first time in the middle of this month (November 2021), among those who consider that vaccines are still effective, and those who reduce the danger of this mutation, considering that it is like its predecessors and perhaps lighter, and among those who see that it is very worrying and calls for alert! And the World Health Organization confirmed yesterday, Monday, that “a mutant omicron is very different, and it contains a high number of copies, some of which are worrisome and may be linked to the possibility of escaping from the immune system and increasing transmission of infection.”

However, it is She also clarified that the only reassuring element so far is the lack of reported deaths associated with this mutation.

While the scientific race was launched in order to ascertain the effectiveness of existing vaccines, in combating this disease. The new strain of the virus, and its development if necessary.

It is reported that the first cases of infection with this strain were recorded in South Africa, before it moved to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, and the rosary repeated, which prompted the infection D from European and Arab countries, as well as the United States to suspend flights with dozens of countries on the African continent.

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