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Ministry of Internal Affairs cancels NOC of ARY News – Pakistan

Ministry of Interior canceled No Objection Certificate (NOC) of ARY Communications Private Ltd, citing “unfavorable agency reports” as reason behind in decision it appeared on Friday.

A notice sent by the Ministry to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on 11 August states: in service of M/SARY Communications Private (Ltd). canceled with instant effect and until further notice on the foundation of unfavorable reports from agencies.”

Making report on in development, Ahri News English website called the cancellation ” coalition government led by PML-N “economic murder of more than 4000 media workers associated with in news channel”. Report also called it “a new move against journalistic fraternity”, stating that this was done without any notice.

“The administration of the channel condemned the suspension of his transmission, saying network being persecuted by the federal government,” It added.

AT decision from the Ministry of Home Affairs comes two days after the Supreme Court of Sindh ruled that Pemra and the telegraph operators restore transmission immediately of Ahri Newswhich has been suspended on orders of in government.

Ahri News embroiled in controversy after PTI leader Shahbaz Gill made ‘seditious remarks’ against Pakistan Army during a conversation with a TV station earlier this week. Then on On Tuesday, he was taken into custody at Banigala Chowk. in capital.

Gill was subsequently warned on accusations of rebellion and incitement public against state institutions.

AT ARI report published today also stressed that the channel clarified that Gill’s statement was his personal opinion and had nothing to do with him. with channel policy.

A few hours after Gill’s arrest, Pemra released show-cause notification Ahri News for voicing his controversial remarks, which the authorities described as “extremely hateful and inflammatory” and tantamount to inciting the “armed forces to revolt”.

Politicians and journalists condemn government actions

Meanwhile, politicians and journalists condemned governments move revoke a license of channel.

PPP General Secretary Farhatullah Babar expressed concern, stating:using state power will arbitrarily backfire.”

“Effects of law of diminishing returns already becomes clear,” he tweeted.

Senior journalist Talat Hussain called it “a serious business”, saying decision can be challenged in court.

TV journalist Imran Riaz Khan allegedly ARI news was “constantly under attack”.

Columnist Shama Junjo called move “insane step”.

PTI senior leader Asad Umar said that “tide of history cannot be stopped by coercive illegal measures.”

PTI leader and former state minister Farrukh Khabib also strongly condemned the abolition of channel license and said government “harmed” the country by such coercive measures.

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