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Mines to mines…so Sorens ran

Circa 1971, the founders of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, including Shibu Soren, launched a rebellion against illegal mining in coal belt of What was a part then? of Bihar. After more than 50 years, a mining lease has come to haunt Surin son and twice Chief Minister Hemant Soren.

The Election Commission is also looking into the accusations of office of he won in Lease agreement granted to CM and who Headed both mining and environment Mark, Hemant staring at the possibility of disqualification.

when is first has become CM in 2013, youngest state in age of 38 engineering student From BIT Mesra and the “Reluctant Politician” was seen as a disconnect from the resource-rich but polluting state brief history of Political scams and illicit wealth. One of Biggest copywriter in This is amazing history It was Shibu Soren’s conviction on the charge of taking money To Save the PV Narasimha Rao . Conference government in the center.

Looks like Hemant has put this past behind Him, especially after he led JMM back to power in 2019 with A majority after the 2014 defeat.

It was this just 10 years after Hemant – who They fought and lost the elections in 2005 – His father’s legacy emerged as heir after death of for him brother Durga.

JMM Insiders Speak of how Hemant did not let defeat 2014 set for him backand proceeded to clench his fist, on The party.

In the first flush of for him second term Like CMbecame known for Fast decisionSubmitting complaints and suggestions within the reach of everyone via Twitter; Handling the Covid crisis well, keeping deaths below 5,500; Sarkar Aapke Dwaar program, thus becoming a program government on the doorsteps of The people; And the immigrant control room to deal with problems of Unorganized workers, including the newest from Sri Lanka.

However, one source admits that “perception is slowly skewed from judgment to mismanagement”. “Whether it is rising Corruption at the ground level or in MNREGS, which Hemant himself called a backbone of the countryside economy… until judgment on social media slow down down,” Source says. According to the source, “sycophants” who Surin takes responsibility for This is amazing. “They have limited his view of the world and the mining lease is good Example.”

during the hearing on April 8 of petition against Surin on In this issue, Attorney General Rajiv Ranjan said that the state committed “a mistake” in granting lease. Solicitor General said in The court said it was a “violation.” of code of conduct “but there was no legal or constitutional violation” even “if Hemant was involved in a certain business on time of holding the flag office of Minister of Mines. AG added that CM “He later distanced himself from her, and gave up the lease.”

Sources close to government I admit that the whole incident was filmed government in “very bad lightA source close to him says: “The CM Holds a mining wallet and the state says sorry for Mining department that gave a mining lease to CM. This is unreasonable even if he surrenders. why issued in The first place? “

One of Hemant’s closest assistant who It seems on The firing The line now is his press advisor Abhishek Prasad who he is with his 24 hours.

mining cloud hanging over not just Hemant. Brother Basant Soren, MLA from Domka, has also He got the EC notice because he is director of company also Owns some mining leases.

Last week, IAS officer and Mining Minister Pooja Singhal was questioned by the Enforcement Directorate for claimed her role in a money laundering Case, the raids witnessed during more Of the Rs 19 crore recovered.

Meanwhile, Surin’s third, Durga’s wife, Sita also muddy water for Hemant. MLA of Jama, sister of Hemant-inThe law alleged “corruption” and “mismanagement” in for him government. On April 1, Sita sent a letter to the governor stating that the company was using Illegal forest lands for Coal transport, JMM accused the governor of He betrays his founding principles of Protect “Gal, Jungle, Zamin”.

Another source would like some good Come out of Composition problems. “Dispute a good thing and hope it ends in they change in how The party mission. because as of it’s not available right now one to give advice government correctly.”

Should the Soren brothers be excluded, in Worst case scenario, the political center stage will shift to Santal Barjana, the leader says. Santhal Pargana is family Castle, with Shibu Surin begins his political path from there. the win back Their seats, Dumka and Prehit, will be decisive for Hemant and Basant to the claw back And prove political point.

The party Prepare on The opinion of Legal experts who can dominate, even if they are disqualified remain CM for at least six months and that they have the right to appeal.

The expert SK Mendiratta, who Servants with Election Commission for 50 years, according to Section 9a of the acting of The law of people who deals with disqualification (of MP, MLAs) for government Contracts, state that there are two scenarios in which a person can be disqualified. “First of all, this person in the classroom of for him business The mass supplies his goods to government. Second, contracts are taken for execution of Works. But the Supreme Court in The past He said that not all contracts attract disqualification. In the current state, as far as I know, there is no display of goods. a second, with Regarding the mining lease, the Supreme Court past The interpretation of the ruling states that the word “works” has the meaning… “Actions” means the government It does this through people with disabilities such as buildings, roads, bridges, etc. This comes under the definition of It works … as far as I understand, according to the interpretation of the Supreme Committee, the mining lease issue no attract Section 9a. “

with him family facing Another political crisis, Shibu Surin, 78, Goroji. of Jharkhand politics Now it stays pretty much in the background. according to family The member, “He’s sick and we don’t bother him with these things.”

It was in 1960 when he was just 16, that Shibu Soren was first Stormed into the spotlight, after murder of for him father, by loan sharks. Soren had rallied a campaign against moneylenders of Santal Paragana area And I got thousands of acre of The tribal lands were liberated, and his position as a leader was solidified.

in an interview in 1980 for A book by Shailendra Mahato, a two-time Member of Parliament from Jamshedpur, Surin talks about how in spite of him father It was “active Conference Leader, “Nothing of They came to see him body.

The JMM bribery case was first Pollution on Soren’s photo. In 2006, it was also found sinner in kidnapping and murder of for him former Personal secretary Shashinath Jha, though acquitted a year Later. In 2009, it became CM for third and last the time.


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