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Millions of Americans over 50 could benefit from Biden student loan write-off plan


if not for her student loan debtLark Abelson would already be retired.

63-year-old took out $5,000 in loans more than 20 years ago to get an associate’s degree in computer technology from Wor Wick Community College in Maryland to try and make a better life for herself and her younger daughter. But she couldn’t find work in the field remains in a low-paying retail job that left her unable to pay back in debt. After registration in repayment based on income plans several times it went into default a few years ago.

abelson, who life outside of Ocean City, Maryland was afraid to quit her job and rely on on Social Security because federal government I can keep a part of her monthly checks to pay off debt.

But federal student loan debt aid plan that President Joe Biden announced in end of August gave Abelson new hope. Although she hasn’t checked her balance lately, she thinks it will rub off. out what she should. She is already asked to know when she can apply for forgiveness and acceptance first step for signing up for Social security benefits.

“Because I know it’s happening, i really started the process of social security application the day after Biden announced this,” Abelson said. of in debt help plan. “I more than grateful.”

There are almost 9 million federal student loan borrowers like Abelson who are over Age of 50. They Consider for almost 20% of approximately 43 million federal student loan borrowers.

As well as number of old borrowers with student loan debt was on in rise. About 1.6 million more borrowers over Age of 50 from federal student loan debt now than in 2017, according to the federal student credit data.

Not every senior borrower qualify for Biden student loan forgiveness. Their income must be less than $125,000 per year. year (or $250,000 for couples) in to be eligible – the same income threshold for all borrowers. Borrowers should also There are federal loans. Private student loans excluded.

Eligible borrowers can see up up to $10,000 of them student debt forgiven. Those who received a Pell Grant while matriculating in college are eligible for up up to $20,000 of forgiveness. Pell Grants are awarded millions of low income students each year based on on factors including their family size and income and college cost.

There are several reasons why more old borrowers are still paying off student loan debt. Some borrowed federal student loans help them children to pay for college, price of which has risen faster than inflation while others may still be paying off debts on own education.

And if borrowers default, they could lose some of their social security benefits. In 2015 latest data available, government reduced Social security checks for a total of 173,000 Americans of all ages, up 380% from 36,000 in 2002.

Among those who we over Age of 50, only three-quarters of loan debt for their own education and most of them owed less than $10,000 at the time of initial social security penalty.

Almost 40% of federal student borrowers aged 65 and over in by default, according to a 2017 report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Parents can apply for what is called a Parent PLUS loan from the federal government to help them children to pay for college. About 3.6 million people currently have outstanding Parent PLUS loans totaling more over $107 billion, according to government data.

Parent PLUS loans were first made available in 1980 and designed to cover financial gap if student loans are not paid for in full cost. parent loans usually have higher interest rate than student federal loans, and the payments must be made while the child is still in school, unless parent asks for a delay.

When James and Mary Stone took out federal maternity loans PLUS for help their two sons let themselves go to college decades ago, they didn’t think they’d still be saddled with in debt in their late 60s.

The North Carolina couple still owe $29,000 even though they are paying. for years. Shortly before the start of the pandemic, they sent in about $400 per month as part of income-based repayment plan.

After Mary Stone lost her webmaster job last year they sold theirs home and rented less one so they can retire.

Having at least part of what debt forgiveness would be big relief for The Stones, especially after James Stone was diagnosed with crayfish in May. The couple is not yet know how his treatment will cost but a smaller monthly loan payment will give them more breathing room.

“This will mean that I can spend my time and energy taking care of for my husband needs a home instead of getting a low paying job help repay this loan,” said Mary Stone, noting that her sons are still arguing with them student college loans.

If borrowers stop paying on their loans, the balance keeps growing because of interest. unlike other debt, it is very difficult to obtain student loan debt discharged in bankruptcy.

Franco Tompeterini is grateful that $10,000 of his student loans will be forgiven though he wants it to be more as his balance increased to $88,000 in 25 years since he graduated from college.

USAF veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm, Tompeterini took out about $34,000 in credits so that he can get a bachelor’s degree from American National University after he left in military.

After making monthly payments for several years Tompeterini had move back home take care of its elderly parents. Can’t find a job in his field, he took underpaid one and let his loans default for about ten years before entering an income-focused repayment plan about 15 years ago. But the payments didn’t even cover everything of interest, and even more so to take away the principal amount. So amount He must just grew and grew.

government offers multiple income-based repayments plans that lower monthly payments for borrowers who are struggling to pay off their loans. Typically an income-focused plan caps payments at 10% of borrower’s discretionary income.

However, lower payments help borrowers remain out of by default, their monthly payment may no longer cover the interest they accumulate each month. In that case, outstanding debt total continues to grow. Biden plans suggest new income based plan government cover unpaid interest.

Tompeterini student loan debt prevented him from buying home or socks money in in bank.

“I don’t really have futureTompeterini said. who life in Rogers, Arkansas, and works property manager. “Aged of 60, i should thinking about retirement and what I’m going to do. Now I’ll probably have to work while I drop dead. And I’m still going to have student loans to be owed. They will finally be written off after i passed on”.

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