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Miftah Ismail hints at an imminent departure from his post


Minister of Finance Miftah Ismail on Friday said between the lines that his tenure could end before then. of current government.

Speaking at event at the Karachi Institute of Business Administration (IBA), minister added what government was 13 months old, but he probably didn’t even have that much time.

He hoped that PML-N-Led government will remain for 6.5 years and he was gone sure how he had a lot of time left.

“To be honest, I work here in a way that I will stay forever. Pakistan will always stay, right? So you must plan in a way it works for in next five years. And then it’s a choice of those who come next”, he remarked.

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‘Til I stay [as the finance minister]I will ensure that the country is not defaulting,” he said. added.

He also praised the policy of leader of the PML-N and former finance minister Ishak Dar.

His remarks come amid a split in PML-N as there are rumors that Dar will return to the country and replace him.

Myth recently announced that the oil tax will be further raised up from this month.

According to insiders, an important meeting took place on August 15 under the chairmanship of PML-N High Representative Nawaz Sharif via video link.

prime minister Shahbaz, former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, Dar, Miftah and others senior leaders of in party participated in It.

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At this meeting A. decision it was decided to change prices of oil products and government put pressure on media for several days that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) prepared a summary of reduction price of gasoline at 25 rupees per liter and diesel at 15 rupees.

According to party sources, during this meeting, Nawaz asked Miftah give briefing on economic situation. Finance minister urged to raise prices of oil products. At this, Nawaz handed the microphone to Dar.

Dar was critical of Miftah’s economic policies and methods. Abbasi intervened and allegedly scolded Dara.

He told him that management in in current situation and complication financial decisions was a difficult task.

“If you think that we and our government do not do good work, then why are you, gentlemen, who sat in London for Bye, go back to Pakistan and take charge of country and economy”, he had added.

To this Nawaz supposedly hit Table in anger and left meeting after which government issued a notice of price increase of oil products.

After midnight, Maryam wrote on Twitter that she father was totally against it decision and even said that he could not put a penny more cargo on in public.

PML-N leader Abid Sher Ali recently criticized out in Mift for increase power tariffs.

Ali, speaking to news conference with a friend party leader Talal Chaudhry indicated out that while Nawaz was prime minister, the country was in deep crisis.

“But still he [Nawaz] did not allow the increase in electricity tariffs,” he said. added.

This was followed by another party leader Hanif Abbasi, criticizing Miftah, saying that he does not live up to expectations, and destroying “hard work” of PM Shahbaz.

Speaking at a press conference at his residence with with merchants of Rawalpindi, PML-N leader, said excessive taxes on electricity bills not paid for. He added that each section of society, including merchants, was unable to pay electricity bills due to the introduction of heavy taxes.

Among recent rains and floods, destroyed harvest in country, finance minister also quarreled with PML-N leader Mohammad Zubair when former said government would consider whether the country can import vegetables from India.

“More than one international The agency has asked the government allow bring them food items from India across the land border,” Miftah tweeted.

“The government will decision to allow import or not based on provision on shortage of supplies, after consultation with his coalition partners and key interested parties, he added.

In response, Zubair tweeted that dropping imports at lower prices for a short period of time would be “criminal”.

He had added that the country was in desperate need of basic food items.

“As we speak, we can deal with politics later – this time international politics- Former Gov. of Sindh wrote further.

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