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Middle East Airlines: Two Bridges built from China in Pangong area illegally occupied

Confirm reports of a second running bridge built From China via Pangong Tso in Ministry of Eastern Ladakh of Foreign Affairs (MEA) said on Friday that both bridges exist in Areas that continued under illegal occupation of China Since the Sixties”. Middle East and Africa, in A statement said India had not accepted China’s “unjustified claim” or “such construction activities”.

The bridge referred to is a second China Structure buildingright next to the bridge you built earlier this year in a area which lies along India’s claim line. that it more From 20 km east of point that India says represents the line of Actual Control (LAC).

“We have seen reports of China erected bridge on Pangong Lake beside its former bridge. both bridges in Areas that continued under illegal occupation of China since the 1960s. We have never accepted such illegal occupation of Arindam Bagci, a spokesperson for Middle East Airlines, said: in Declaration on Friday.

On Thursday, Baji referred to it as “the so-called bridge”. In response to questions, he had referred to her media reports”on The alleged bridge or not? know If it was another bridge – someone said it second Or if it is an expansion or a widening of The current Bridge.” “From military Perspective, I will not be in position for comment. I think the Ministry of will be the defense in better position to know and also Archaeology of which – which. But as I said, we are monitoring such developments and if there are any developments update on This we will do share with transition.

in his statement on Friday, repeat that government Constantly watching on All developments that have an impact on India’s security and take all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

India hasmade He. She clear on Several occasions that Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are an integral part of India and expect another countries To respect India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

with the purpose of “ensure That the security interests of the nation are fully protected, the government Has stepped up up development of Border infrastructure private since 2014, including construction of He said that roads, bridges…etc. remains Committed to the goal of creating Infrastructure along the border areas not only to meet India’s strategy and security requirements But also Economic facilitation development of these areas.”

to me senior Defense Foundation Officials second The bridge is a wider structure like China building right next To the bridge you built earlier this year. work on The second was the bridge on for A few months, sources said.

a senior The defense establishment officer said that he had earlier believed that second The bridge was a temporary structure built for facilitation work on The first bridge. He said they believe that “first one The bridge was permanent, and second one It was a temporary structure for Facilitate.” But he said, “It is the other way round Now.” “This is the permanent bridge” and first one It seems it was built to help in building He said this.

The officer said it wasn’t sure About Dimensions of The second bridge. but the first The bridge that was visible in Satellite images were about 400 meters long and 8 meters wide; was thought to be built for a movement of Among the security forces north and the south of Pangong Tso. these two were of The most controversial controversy points during the over two-yearThe long-running confrontation in Eastern Ladakh. In February 2021, the two parties withdrew back Forces from each other of These frictions points.

with the second running bridge built right next to me first Heckel, “We can safely assume that it was intended for forces for move between the north and the south of The officer said. He said the bridge would probably be allow for a movement of all types of military vehicles, including tanks. “Why would they do this,” he said, adding that it would facilitate early response and dissemination of mechanized forces.

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In response to a question when building work It had started, although the officer said area Monitored, “They Didn’t Keep Timelines” for The second The bridge where it was supposed to be a temporary structure. However, he said, work kept going on for After a few months.

The bridge is located about 20 km to the east of finger 8 on The north bank of The lake where India says It is the point that distinguishes Latin America and the Caribbean. But by land, it will be over 35 km from Finger 8. The area Under Chinese control since 1958, although it is just the West of India’s claim line is, according to India, its own international the border.

that it just the East of A ruin called Khornak Fort, where China has major border defense bases. The region Rutong County is called by China. China has a frontier defense company at Khornak fort, and a water squadron to the east at Banmozhang.

The bridge near the center mark of Boomerang, 135 km long, Pangong Tso. India has about 45 km of The lake is under control.



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