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Microsoft Teams: Meeting scheduling just got a whole lot easier

One of Microsoft’s major business problems is that users do not work in a perfectly consistent environment when they use the company’s office and group work tools. This would be necessary in an increasingly fierce competition with Google.

So it’s no surprise that Microsoft Teams wants to help users better manage their calls, appointments, and other settings with the new app.

From the company’s roadmap, we can already conclude that the introduction of a new feature is approaching. According to his post about it, the new addition “will provide professionals and administrators with a single place to create and manage scheduled and scheduled virtual meetings in Microsoft Teams.”

Integrates with an Outlook calendar that syncs with the Office 365 platform to help users schedule and accurately determine the availability of online meetings. Microsoft also likely intends to get ahead of Google Workspace, which already has seamless user interfaces between its Meet video conferencing platform and other communication tools like Chat and Gmail. the new feature’s ability to “view valuable meeting information and meeting analytics, get real-time status updates in the waiting list view, and send meeting reminders.”

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