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Microsoft Patchday: 55 security holes closed – Excel and Exchange are particularly at risk

Malicious code can infect the system through security holes. (Image: nmedia / Shutterstock)

Microsoft Exchange 2016 and 2019 in particular are threatened by a new security vulnerability known as CVE-202142321 . As soon as attackers are authenticated, they can execute malicious code through this vulnerability. Microsoft does not explain exactly how this works. Instead, the company has posted a post explaining how admins can secure their servers. Heise explains that basically only the installation of the security updates from November 2021 is necessary. Microsoft has identified a total of 55 vulnerabilities and provided software updates for them. The company describes six vulnerabilities as critical.

Excel in the sights of the attackers – Mac version without patch

Excel documents with malicious code are currently circulating again. Microsoft urges caution as there is a new bypass vulnerability through which this code can enter the systems. While there is a patch for the Windows version, the manufacturer is still working on an update for the Mac version. He especially warns of the Exchange and Excel gaps, as exploits already exist for them – malicious people are already using them.

Other gaps: 3D Viewer, RDP and VMBus

Another critical vulnerability concerns Virtual Machine Bus (VMBUs): Attackers can trigger errors via this channel using prepared queries and then sign malicious code on the host. The two weak points in the 3D viewer, both of which are classified as “important”, are already public. Two holes in the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which have also already become public, belong to the same category. The other warning messages relate to gateways that are not yet known and for which no hacker programs are yet in circulation. The Zero Day Initiative offers a good overview of all weaknesses of the month.

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