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Microsoft, Intel and Goldman Sachs are teaming up for supply chain security

The aim of the cooperative is to involve the expertise of all actors in the technological sphere. The TCG found that malicious and counterfeit hardware is difficult to detect because most organizations do not have the tools or knowledge to do so.

The group focuses on two key areas: on the one hand, the provisioning measures to ensure that tools are reliable at all stages of the supply chain and to help companies recover if they are attacked.

TCG has played a significant role in developing global standards that underpin hardware in recent years. . According to a recent report by Acronis, 53 percent of global organizations maintain a false sense of security about supply chain attacks and rely on software vendors and vendors that may not be honest. In reality, any company can be attacked by a supply chain.

“TCG has been leading the industry for nearly 20 years in adopting technologies that enable secure computing, including IoT and embedded systems, PCs and The supply chain is the only thing that permeates all these vertical areas, and experts from the TCG working groups are now teaming up to create industry-wide guidance to make the supply chain more secure. ” explained Dennis Mattoon, co-chair of the working group and Microsoft’s chief software development engineer.

But why did two big tech companies and a big bank think it was time to move. This is explained by BlueVoyant’s targeted report released recently, claiming that 93 percent of global companies have suffered supply chain violations in the past year. It also reported that the average number of violations increased by 37 percent between 2020 and 2021. It is worrying that the number of people who admitted to having an incident in their supply chain increased from 31 percent to 38 percent during the period under review.

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