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Microsoft Believes That Sony is Capable of Developing a Call of Duty Rival

Microsoft reinforces its justifications for acquiring the publisher as inquiries into its acquisition of Activision Blizzard go on. Microsoft claims that if Sony is concerned about competition, it can build its Call of Duty rival in its most recent statement to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Microsoft Believes That Sony is Capable of Developing a Call of Duty Rival_

Despite the regulators ‘ ongoing inquiry, Microsoft has stated that it will continue to release Call of Duty games on PlayStation systems. It even extended a 10-year offer to Sony, matching recent agreements struck by Nvidia and Nintendo. The arrangement would guarantee complete feature and content parity across all platforms.

With claims that it will do the same with Activision Blizzard games after seeing what Microsoft did with Bethesda games, Sony still needs to sign and is fighting. Moreover, Microsoft claims Sony can develop a substitute in the new document.

What Microsoft Had To Say About Sony and Call of Duty

“The CMA questioned Microsoft about whether the 10-year length is adequate at the Remedies Hearing.

And if Sony would reach a “cliff edge” after this time,” the memo states. Microsoft believes ten years will be enough time for Sony to create alternatives to Call of Duty as a dominant publisher and console platform.

The following console generation will be included in the 10-year timeframe. Furthermore, it the useful.

The effect of the remedy will last longer than ten years because backward compatibility allows games downloaded in the final year of the remedy to be played for as long as the system is in production (and beyond).

Microsoft Believes That Sony is Capable of Developing a Call of Dut y Rival_

Microsoft concluded their discussion of the duration by asserting that they do not require an agreement to last for more than ten years at a time.

The business said there is no justification for extending the solution past the time frame Microsoft has suggested, adding that it is willing to continue having productive discussions with the CMA about the matter.

By April 26, the CMA must decide on the acquisition attempt.

What do you think about Microsoft’s claim that Sony can create a Call of Duty substitute?

Initially, it was stated that CMA would take power by May 22. The correct date has been added because that needed to be more accurate.

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