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Microsoft announces $ 60 billion share buyback program

Microsoft has expanded its shareholder return program to announce that its board of directors has voted to increase its quarterly dividend and also announced a new $ 60 billion share buyback program without a specific expiration date.

The company increased its quarterly dividend by 11 percent from 56 cents to 62 cents. It was the 12th consecutive year that the company increased its quarterly pay after the September board meeting. The new rate gives the company a 0.8 percent return. The increase follows a 10 percent increase last year and an 11 percent increase in 2019.

The Motley Fool business portal recalls that there has long been a struggle for Apple or Microsoft. be the “most valuable” stock listed on the Nasdaq. One of the reasons why Microsoft has been performing very well lately is that it has made a big bet on the promise of cloud computing. For a long time, the software giant did everything it could to resist the changes, fearing it would lose its near-monopoly position in areas such as the PC operating systems or workplace productivity devices market.

But today Microsoft is far ahead takes the adoption of a cloud-based business model like Apple. The latter, by its very nature, relies heavily on its hardware, with sales of iPhones, Macs, iPads and other devices accounting for the lion’s share of revenue.

In contrast, Microsoft has worked hard to increase its recurring revenue faster. . Office 365, the Azure cloud computing platform, and other services provided as software offered exceptional growth opportunities. Industry observers have known for more than 20 years that software is a more reliable source of revenue than hardware, and despite Apple’s successes refuting this trend, many continue to fear that the company’s ability to innovate may decline in a way that Microsoft can take a lasting lead

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