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Micro Focus tips on privacy during COVID

Last year, a lot of people suddenly switched to work from home, so they have to access the files needed for daily tasks remotely, which increases data security risks. Micro Focus experts say intelligent content management solutions provide the right answer for automatically detecting and securing sensitive information.

January 28 is Data Protection Day, when the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance (NCSA) and its affiliated responsible organizations strive to raise awareness each year to maintain the security of confidential, personal information. On this occasion, Micro Focus experts listed a number of key challenges facing the industry today.

Home office has become commonplace

Last year, the home office was gaining ground strongest impact on this area. Remote teamwork has become “the new normal”: companies allow, and even support, work from home wherever they can. This is not only a social interest, but it is also important for companies that their employees are not in an enclosed space where they can potentially infect each other and thus drop out of work in groups for weeks.

However, this means that companies, administrators and users, as well as teammates working together, they need to think about what infrastructure they need to work together. In doing so, greater emphasis should also be placed on protecting corporate files and data, as security risks also increase during remote access. Companies should also address this because telecommuting is expected to stay with us in the future. According to a recent PwC survey, in the U.S., for example, only 17 percent of corporate decision-makers believe they will fully return to office work as soon as possible. 13 percent completely let go of the head office, and between the two are organizations that, to a greater or lesser extent, allow work from home.

Lots of data, even more specifications

In addition to the spread of the home office, there is also a huge increase in the amount of data, which was already years ago. According to recent IDC data, the global dataset is growing at a rate of 61 percent per year, and by 2025 175 zeta bytes will be held worldwide. And it is a growing challenge for companies to handle it properly.

In addition, great emphasis must be placed on safety, as the volume of legislation has become increasingly important in recent years. is more strongly focused on this area. Standards for the protection of personal data processed by companies are being tightened worldwide and compliance with the GDPR is increasingly being monitored in Europe as well.

Automatic detection and protection

These diversified expectations are extremely difficult to meet, but many processes can be facilitated with professional tools such as ControlPoint file analysis software. Such a solution helps to see and organize the entire data file of the organization. Micro Focus software automatically scans all of the company’s IT systems and databases and identifies confidential information that requires greater security due to its sensitivity and regulations. The software can search all types of files, from databases containing structured data to text documents and spreadsheets to scanned materials, images and videos, as it also uses text and face recognition technology. It then organizes and categorizes all files and information and also summarizes which of them contains sensitive information. The files organized in this way can then be managed automatically based on policies and protected by companies. For example, documents that contain confidential information may be moved to a more secure location or encrypted, depending on the level of security required by that information.

For encryption, companies can also use format-preserving encryption, such as Micro Focus Voltage SecureData Enterprise, which uses numbers that are different, replaces random numbers and letters with other random letter characters. This preserves the format of the data, which is important because with this method the data can still be easily used for various analytical and statistical purposes without compromising their security.

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