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Mick Lynch says unions lack power like passengers hit railway chaos

JEremi Corbin, who joined union members on picket line outside Euston Station said the government’s conduct during the strikes was “totally extraordinary”.

“Their behavior is completely extraordinary, and then two leadership contenders, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, are now proposing to do public sector strikes illegal that of of course, contrary to the provisions of Conventions of the International Labor Organization,” he said.

former Labor leader, now independent MP, says PA news The agency he was supporting strikes because “degree of poverty payouts in the railroad industry are huge and now levels of employment insecurity has also increased.”

“It’s a strike ensure that there is proper negotiation to get this resolved – so this is a message to Grant Shapps, what if you can’t help out of in way as well as allow an agreement to be reached between the unions and the railway companies, or positively support It.”

Mr Corbyn said that “there are three Labor MPs here. on this picket, and, no doubt, all over country”.

“I think the members of Parliament represents its constituents and hears daily what their constituents want and they do the right thing by being there. with workers in dispute, he added.

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