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Michigan cop killed Patrick Ley like an animal,’ family says

broken relatives of in young black father fatally shot by a Michigan police officer want fire the policeman and prosecute him, insisting that Patrick Ley was killed.”like animal” during the stop.

Leya, 26-year-old native of Democratic Republic of Congo, was shot dead in in back of in head white officer during face-down on a patch of grass on April 4 during struggle over police stun gun in Great rapids.

Leya mourns parents Peter and Dorcas Leya, who took them six children from Congo to escape disorder in 2014, called for The officer will be identified, prosecuted and fired during an emotional press conference on Thursday, the Washington Post reported.

“My life has come to an end,” Piotr Leoja said through an interpreter. “Patrick was my life, my son. I thought Patrick would take mine place. And see what’s mine son was killed like animal to these cops, and to see this video they showed, I see that I have no life.”

Peter Leya says his life came to an end after death of his sonPatrick.
AP/Anna Nichols
This image is from a promotional video released by the Grand Rapids Police Department. on April 14, 2022 shows frames a moment before fatal shooting of a young Black man at white cop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Patrick was face-down on ground when he was mortally wounded in in head to the Grand Rapids Police Department after resistance arrest on April 4, 2022
Grand Rapids Police Department/A
Patrick Leuyi mother Dorcas Leia burst into tears during news conference in the Church of the Renaissance of God in Center for the Family Life of Christ in Grand Rapids, Michigan. on Thursday, April 14, 2022
Dorcas Leia said before emigrating to America that she could not believe that “there could be a shooting style” in the country.
Corey Morse/The Grand Rapids Press via AP

Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom released four videos. of in fatal the meeting that began when Leya, who was unarmed, was stopped for driving car with license plate that didn’t exist match in vehicle.

In one clip, Leia emerges from car, ignoring the officer’s commands and trying to run. He then tried to grab the policeman’s stun. gun during struggle this lasted for about 90 seconds before he was shot dead after an officer ordered him to “drop Taser, footage shows.

Unknown officer, seven-year squad veteran was posted on paid leave while state investigators investigate the shooting.

Leuyi family was joined Thursday of famous civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, who said the footage clearly showed the officer was displaying “unnecessary [and] surplus” use of force during the meeting.

“And his mother and father and them family ask the prosecutor to charge him with full degree of law for killing them son, for breaking their hearts for makes him young children orphans,” Crump told reporters on Thursday. “Equal justice demands it.”

hundreds of Protesters storm Grand Rapids Police Headquarters after department officials released footage of in deadly traffic stop Wednesday. Demonstrators chanted “Black lives matter” and “Name the killer cop” during a peaceful but demonstrative rally, according to the Washington Post.

Gabriel Koriana adds flowers small memorial along street near the place where Patrick Leia was killed on April 14, 2022 in
Patrick Leya was unarmed when he was stopped for driving car with license plate that didn’t exist match in vehicle.
Scott Olson/Getty Images
TV set display shows video evidence of Grand Rapids police officer struggling with and the execution of Patrick Ley at the city hall of Grand Rapids on Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom released four videos. of in fatal collide.
AP/Grand Rapids Police Department
Petr Leya, father of Patrick Leya, 26-year old black man who was shot dead by a white Grand Rapids police officer after a traffic stop, says at a press conference.
Peter said that he son was killed like animal.”
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Dorcas Lioja said that, in her opinion, family finally able to breathe easy after escaping war and persecution in Africa on arrival in USA eight years ago, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“They said us that in America, there is peace, there is safety you won’t see killing more that it was basically a safe haven,” she said through an interpreter.

parents mourning the loss of them first-born son and father of two, then switched their attention back unnamed officer who shot him, saying that he “should protect” Patrick.

Protesters march through downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan outside the police department during a demonstration held after the videos. of shooting of Patrick Leya.
Patrick Leuyi death triggered several rallies against police brutality.
Daniel Shular/The Grand Rapids Press via AP
Demonstrators protest against killing of    Patrick Leya, unarmed black man who was shot and killed by a Grand Rapids police officer during a traffic stop. on April, 4.
Leoi was told that the officer who killed them son “had to protect” him.
REUTERS/Rebecca Cook
Dorcas and Peter Leja parents of Patrick Leya, unarmed black man who was shot and killed by a Grand Rapids police officer during a traffic stop. on April 4 visit news conference.
Leoi is going to sue for in deadly shooting.
REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

“I did not believe that … there is a genocide in this country,” said Piotr Leioja. “I do not know what is here in America, there could be an execution… being killed by a cop.”

On Thursday, the Liois said they plan to file a lawsuit. in connection to deadly shooting most likely in Federal Court, according to the Washington Post.


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