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Michael Gove accuses social landowners of “complacency” after childhood death | social housing

Michael Gove blamed social landowners of “complacency” and putting the bureaucracy above the tenants as he stepped up his demands for higher standards after death of two-year-old Avaab Ishaq from long ago-term mold exposure.

Frame secretary told MPs that too many homeowners showed “defensive behavior” when receiving complaints of squalor, but also recognized degree of dangerous conditions were so great what more may need funding fix in problem – potentially installation up collision with chancellor.

By appearance in front of house of House of Commons Select Committee on leveling up housing and community, Gove also accused landlord Avaaba, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, of completely inappropriate “self-praise” comments about his performance on equality and diversity after it death. The landlord fired the CEO over scandal on Saturday.

In a wide range of Gove hearings also stated:

  • He and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt ordered review of council tax, which he described as “second- the most unpopular tax in country.” He promised more detail in in new year.

  • government’s goal is to end rough sleep in doubt, with Gove describes him as ” big worry”.

  • Families hosting refugees from Ukraine will find out within a few weeks whether they will receive permanent payments.

  • Defective people in high-rise building should have personal evacuation plans as recommended by Grenfell Tower public investigation, despite the fact that the Ministry of the Interior rejected call.

After the coroner’s verdict, this mold led to death of Avaab in Rochdale, Gove told MPs social regulator housing should have additional investigative powers and will have power levy unlimited fines in accordance with future legislation.

As a result of scandal, Gove wrote six housing providers — Clarion, Southern Housing Group, Onward Homes, Catalyst Housing, PA Housing, and Johnnie Johnson Housing — who have had recent findings. of serious mismanagement made against their Housing Ombudsman for England.

But social landowners say government financing favored available home- ownership over building of at home for the cheapest social rent. It is said that many cannot afford it. build new social housing without access for specific funding that went down significantly since 2010. yearhousing associations and councils built more than 30,000 social rent homes. By 2020, their number has fallen to less than 5,000.

Clive Betts, Chairman of a select committee asked Gove if he considered the “regressive” council tax “serious issue for reforms,” and he answered “yes.” He said that the younger minister Lee Rowley studied issue “at the request of the Chancellor and at my request.” He said that wanted to tell more in in new year.

When asked about hitting the government’s target of ending the rough dream, he said the hardships included families facing homelessness because of in rising cost of living and arriving Ukrainians in UK and become homeless.

“We in a world where number of very important policy the goals and ambitions we have become more difficult to deliver,” he said. “I don’t want to… try to trumpet that everything is going well, because it is not.”

asked about decision The Ministry of the Interior does not ensure all disabled people in high-rise homes had personal evacuation plans, he said: “We should deliberately set out give people life with disabled people that they have absolute confidence that we have done everything possible in order ensure what plans for their safe evacuation in place”.

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