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Mia Ponsetto pleads guilty to assaulting black teenager at SoHo hotel

woman from california who grabbed a black teenager in a SoHo hotel after being falsely accused of stole her cell phone pleaded guilty on Monday to Criminal Hate crime quarrel accusation. Parts of it was captured in widespread video.

Under terms of her plea woman, Mia Ponsetto, 23, shunned jail time and can enter new plea to a lesser charge of wrongdoing without hate crime element if she completes her probationary period in happening of drunk driving in California. She must also continue to consult and not meet with in criminal justice system for in next two years, officials say.

The episode with the hotel was a prime example of view of false charge black people confront regularly in New York and other places. This came months after a white woman called 911 and falsely claimed that a black birdwatcher in Central Park threatened her life.

In a statement reporting that Ms. Ponsetto plea, Alvin Bragg, District Attorney for Manhattan, highlighted what he said was her “outrageous behavior” in wrestling with Keyon Harrold Jr, 14-year-old son of outstanding jazz musician, in lobby of Hotel Arlo in December 2020.

“As a black man, I have personally encountered racial profiling countless times. times in my life and I sympathize with in young man became a victim in this incident,” Mr. Bragg said. in statement. “This plea ensures proper accountability for Ms. Ponsetto, addressing the main causes for her behavior and ensure that such behavior does not recur.”

Ms Ponsetto’s lawyer, Paul D’Emilia, said in statement in which he and his client “were pleased that today’s trial brought this unfortunate misunderstanding closer to final resolution.”

“We are grateful of the DA’s thoughtful and sensitive approach to an acceptable conclusion.” – Mr. D’Emilia added in statement, “especially in light of unreasonable pressure from many voices unfamiliar with in more detailed details of what happened that evening.

“Many Voices” comment was an obvious reference to the angry public Episode touched off when video capture parts of he began to ricochet across social media shortly after the fight on December 26, 2020

The video was directed by jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold. who stopped in Arlo with his son at that time. Two had just to come down to the hotel lobby for brunch when Miss Ponsetto, whom they didn’t know, turned to them.

Video shows tension is rising rapidly with Ms. Ponsetto insists that the teenager have the phone and yells at father and sony mr harrold insists that she in in wrong.

“No,” you can hear her screaming. “I won’t let him walk far with my telephone!”

Video also shows Human who identifies itself as a hotel manager saying he’s “trying help’, showing up to confront the teenager about the phone.

Separate footage taken by hotel security camera shows Miss Ponsetto fights with a teenager. The phone was later. found and returned to Uber driver.

Miss Ponsetto, who ran away from the hotel, was arrested in California in about 10 days, but not before participation in an interview on national television that quickly turned from an opportunity to apologize to an exercise in make excuses for her actions.

In an interview with The New York Times, shortly after the hotel episode, Mr. Harrold said that events It was left he was “concussed”.

“I wonder what would have happened if things were different, if it was a black woman and there was a white 14-year- old, – he added in interview. He also condemned way Hotel manager ran into him son. “They thought he was guilty.”

The hotel subsequently issued a statement. in to which he apologized to Mr. Harrold and his son, stating that he was “deeply disappointed by the recent incident.” of unfounded accusation, prejudice and assault against innocent guest.

original accusations in the case did not include hate crimes, but the district attorney office added two bills of second- degree of unlawful imprisonment as hatred crime last year. Ms. Ponsetto pleaded not guilty at the time.

On Monday, she pleaded guilty to one think of second- degree of unlawful imprisonment as hatred crime. If she sticks to the plea terms she will be allowed to plead guilty to second- aggravated prosecution in two years.

In his statement, Mr. D’Emilia said it was “Miss. ponsetto wish that Keyon Harrold accepts her regrets and apologies for her behavior that evening, and that all participants can move forward with added understanding and compassion.”

Has reached on On Monday, Mr. Harrold said that such an apology was inadequate. for his son be “illegally and aggressively attacked in lobby of hotel Arlo” in “an unprovoked attack” and that it “minimizes the trauma Keyon Jr. continues to experience.”

“However, he added”We not only blame Ms. Ponsetto for in attack but hotel arlo for letting it escalate and go on unflagging”.

Mr. Harrold sued Miss Ponsetto; Hotel; the company that owns it, Quadrum Global; and manager over the episode Mr. Harrold describes in court documents as “another case of African Americans are harmed by unfounded accusations as they go about their daily lives.”

Quadrum’s media The department did not immediately respond to the request. for comment.

Jonah E. Bromwich contributed reporting.

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