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Meta and Microsoft announce partnership to integrate Workplace and Teams

Through integration, customers can access Workplace content within the Teams application. Similarly, users can view Teams video conferencing in the Workplace

The partnership between Meta and Microsoft brings together two rivals competing in the enterprise communications software market. However, Workplace and Teams do not completely overlap. While Workplace focuses on extensive, enterprise-level relationships, Teams focuses on instant communication between employees and their direct co-workers.

This integration has been requested by customers such as Vodafone and Accenture, Ujjwal Singh said. head of Meta Workplace with CNBC. “Our customers use the additional features, not the competing features. There are customers who are just Workplace workshops and there are some who are just Teams workshops. This is really for customers who use both,” Singh said.

The partnership may prove to be the most advantageous for Meta, as the Workplace service is drastically outperforming its competitors in terms of number of users. Workplace announced in May that it had reached 7 million subscribers. Microsoft announced in July that Teams already has 250 million active users a month. Salesforce-owned Slack no longer breaks down user numbers, but the company said it had 12 million daily active users when it last reported these statistics in September 2019.

In addition to Teams, Microsoft is Yammer It also offers enterprise social networking software that is a more direct competitor to Meta Workplace. In August, Microsoft announced that Yammer usage was doubling year-over-year and that it had tens of millions of active users a month.

Although Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure are integrated with Workplace There is no integration with Active Directory, OneDrive and now Teams, Yammer, said Singh.

“I would say we are the best in the community, the connection, the people Teams is arguably the best in class in terms of productivity, so it really brings together two best-in-class products to solve an employee ‘experience’ problem, “added the workplace manager.

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