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met with failure in second layoff rate senior Officer over child abuse video | Metropolitan Police

The High Court has thrown out metropolitan police latest an attempt to dismiss the embellished senior black Officer, with referee branding one of his arguments are “hopeless”.

The decision was a victory for Supt Robin Williams, who The Metropolitan dismissed and then had to reinstate when a tribunal ruled to force the Russian leaders were wrong put her out of a job.

Williams was fired in 2020 for gross misconduct, after criminal belief for Possession of images of child abuse sent to her without asking on whatsapp chat group.

This verdict led to her dismissal from the Met in a disciplinary hearing chaired by senior Met an officer despite the requests of many in police that Williams was role model who should save her work.

In June 2021, the Police Appeals Court (PAT) overturned the Met. decision speaking force acted unfairly in firing her. The Tribunal stated final written warning it would have been a fairer outcome, because it was an exceptional case.

Regardless, the Met went to the Supreme Court to insist it was the right thing to do. in this is decision fire Williams and in sentence made public on Tuesday is the biggest in Britain force lost another case in the Supreme Court – having spent dozens of of thousands of pounds of public money.

Mrs. Judge Heather Williams dismissed the Met’s arguments. From one to argue that the officer’s conviction meant she must have been dishonest, the Supreme Court judge incinerated: “Complaint that PAT failed to treat Dishonesty Supt Williams in bringing up a false defense as an aggravating circumstance is hopeless. Pat said in terms in his paragraph 39 that he took consider this as an aggravating circumstance.

Supt Williams, 57 won to praise for her work after Grenfell 2017 firewhen the relationship between the injured community and the authorities were fraught. She campaigned for more women in police and won Queen’s Police Medal During Her 37thyear career.

In her ruling, Ms. Justice Williams wrote: “PAT concluded that this was the case because of in unique circumstances of conviction, brilliant career as an officer, significant impact she had on promotion reputation of MPS in general and his assessment that her dismissal reduce confidence in police in a little of communities in in whom the MPS struggled to gain credibility. It was a valid conclusion for reach it.”

The Met said: “Now we will take time to carefully consider the judgments and any next steps”.

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Janet Hills, former chair of Metropolitan Association of Black Police Officers force must stop chasing now of Williams and that was litmus test of can he reform?

“There should be a time when an organization like the Met will have to take stock and think,” Hills said.

“Met need accept they got it wrong and solve this with Williams and her family. If a new commissioner is serious building bridges with in black community then this is where it should start”.

The case has begun in February 2018 after Williams received a WhatsApp message from her sister. containing video of a young girl is being abused. The sister was outraged wanted the criminal hunted down police.

Williams never played the video, but the jury found her guilty after the prosecution said she failed to report it because she was afraid it would get her sister into trouble.

Her sister posted a video of the violence on WhatsApp. group of 17 people, one of who reported it to the police. Williams was the only one of 17 need to put on trial.

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