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Merkel is gone: a farewell in GIFs

Chancellor Merkel leaves. (Photo: dpa)

An entire generation only knows Angela Merkel as Federal Chancellor. It didn’t always look as bad-tempered as in the past few months.

In her early years she was always close to the people. At times we could literally read them. About here in conversation with Putin.

Or in the pulpit with Trump.

Didn’t work better on the sofa.

She didn’t get warm with Horst Seehofer either.

Sometimes we could celebrate.

As well as pity.

The international stage seemed to her sometimes to give real joy.

Even if the distances were larger.

She had a difficult time with the technologies around the new territory of the Internet.

She also needed clear examples for the concept of renewable energies, but then she found pleasure in them.

Tonight we saw her with roses. Is she doing her bachelor’s degree now? TV careers tend to arise unexpectedly.

Even Bernie Sanders with his grumpy chic seems to be present at the tattoo.

Such scenes are unlikely to happen anytime soon. Have a good rest, Ms. Merkel!

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