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Mercedes driver in 13 accidents before Windsor Hills, DC says

Nurse accused of killing five people last week when her Mercedes crashed into a traffic jam on busy Windsor Hills Crossing was involved in 13 previous accidents, Los Angeles County prosecutors supposed Monday in charge her with murder.

Authorities disclosed new thursday details crash and about driverNicole Lorraine Linton, 37, permanent address in Texas and who is currently room rental in Los Angeles while working as a traveling registered nurse.

Prosecutors said they are looking into several previous accidents linked to Linton – both in as well as out of California – including one in 2020, which participated corporally injury in of which the two machines were summed. However, they provided a few additional details.

Linton’s lawyer, Halim Dunedina, asked the court on Monday to extend her charge until October because it is reviewing it. out-of-state history of “Severe mental health problems have been documented.” Dunedin did not elaborate. on these problems but said Windsor hills crash may be associated with them.

That’s what we are know:

AT crash

California Highway Patrol officers investigate fire crash where several people were killed near a Windsor Hills gas station on Thursday.

(Jason Armond/Los Angeles Times)

Video Surveillance just until Thursday deadly crash shows Mercedes dark color rushes down La Brea Avenue at its height speed like dozens of cars cross on Slason Avenue in Windsor Hills. Prosecutors say Linton was behind wheel.

Mercedes doesn’t seem to slow down before passing red light shortly after 13:30 light was red for nine seconds before car rushed through the intersection, crashing into several cars, prosecutors said. Mercedes caught fire and crashed into light pole where he stopped. after the crash strip of fire burned down on ground, and puffs of smoke were visible for miles.

Prosecutors allege Linton was speeding fast like 90 miles per hour.

Least six vehicles were involved in in crash, according to California Highway Patrol investigators. In addition to the dead, eight people were injured.

county of Los Angeles County. Atti. George Gascon said there was no evidence of any alcohol use Linton at the moment.

When the charges are announced against her Monday, he declined discuss what led to the crash, saying the case was still under investigation and he “wasn’t going to go into details.”

AT aftermath

Candles, balloons and flowers were left on the site of a deadly crash

Candles, balloons and flowers on street monument to the victims of a deadly crash at the crossroads of La Brea and Slawson Avenue in Windsor Hills.

(Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times)

Influence of in crash as well as fire it caused killed 23-year-old Ashery Ryan; her 11-month-old baby, Alonso Quintero; her boyfriend Reynold Lester; and their unborn child. Ryan was 8.5 months pregnant when she was killed. According to the Los Angeles County coroner, the boy she was carrying was named Armani Lester. office.

Two additional women killed in in crash yet to be identified.

Linton was hospitalized with medium injuries for a few days before the arrest by the police.

Photo posted online after crash apparently show linton sitting on border with bloody hand. She seems to wearing hospital pants and shirt with writing on bib and sleeve.

Images from the scene show massive damage to the front of the Mercedes, which crashed head first into light pillar. A law enforcement source told The Times that Linton suffered a broken leg and wrist. in in collision but caradvanced air bag systems for interface collision seems to have protected her from the worst of influence.

Specialized investigation of an accident at a thermal power plant team retrieves data from Mercedes computers that capture speed braking and acceleration.


Linton was indicted on Monday with six thinks of murder and five bills of manslaughter in a vehicle. Car manslaughter allegations for of death of four adults and baby, who been shy for about two weeks of his first birthday. Ryan’s unborn child cannot be included in these accusations.

faces of linton up to life in prison if convicted of all charges.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Natalie Stone denied her bail, which had previously been set $9 million, upon request of the district attorney’s office who said she was flying risk. Linton was set leave Los Angeles and go to Hawaii for work, prosecutors said.

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