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‘Mentality of Sinners Support: Asha Devi Explodes Jahlot over Rape Law Note | India latest news

Asha Devi, mother of a young Women who was brutally beaten on cold winter night in The year 2012 that sent shock waves across the country leading on legislation of Nirbhaya Law, on Sunday, the president of Rajasthan said minister Ashok Gilot’s comments against The law to hang a rape accused was painful and embarrassing.

Asha Devi said to Gilot comment Reverse the president’s mentality of supporting sinners.”

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traces of latest Controversy, Jahlut said those incidents of postRape murders increased after the enactment of Nirbhaya Law. “Because of the law on hanging of Perpetrators after Nirbhaya Accident Case of murder After the rape increased. This is a dangerous trend that we are seeing in Country”, Congress veteran He said.

Asha Devi said the girls were killed even before the Congress was led by the United Progressive Alliance . government Sentence brought to hang the accused of rape. She said it was a people mentality bad Not the law, while Jahlut demands an apology for his statements.

Talking to news ANI agency Asha Devi said, “It’s a very embarrassing statement, it hurts, especially for those families and girls who They were victims of These heinous crimes. he is (CM Gehlot) has made cheerful of Nirbhaya, it was the law made by them government. “

“Even before the judgment came, the girls were killed. This shows they (CM Gehlot) mentality of supporting Guilty while they have no empathy for the victims. The law is not bad and people’s mentality. He should apologize and should give his resignation” added.

After his notes landed on him in Controversial, Gehlot said he only talked about truth“I just talked truth. When a rapist rapes a child, they do so kill they for the fear of They are recognized… So many deaths have never happened before,” Chief minister The Iraqi News Agency quoted him as saying.

the four death row of convicts in Rape of Nirbhaya gang and murder The case has been hung in Tihar jail in 2020, eight years later crime.

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