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Memories of royal assistant

How do we know she had fantastic flair of humor and was great facial expressions, but their meaning of it was funny also beautifully tuned. Both she and the duke of It was fun in Edinburgh when things didn’t go according to plan on engagements – stuck flag, plaque that did not open, Commonwealth Games baton in Glasgow, which did not unscrew.

In Winnipeg, Canada, the royal boat broke down, leaving them to fend for themselves. on icy cold river. The ship had to be tied to another taxi and towed to the pier. with Queen Elizabeth climbs over the rescue ship disembarks. While the rest of us running around trying resolve drama, they always remained calm.

She was very curious and loved the life experience that she role didn’t let her experience such as duty free shopping. When she traveled to Australia, which she did many times, the plane would stop in Singapore and silks will be delivered to the VIP room for her to”shop” with Angela Kelly, her dresser.

In 2002, she decided that wanted to venture into the chaos of Changi Airport duty free mall. She was delighted that no one recognized her and thought it was hysterical when shop the owners began to bargain furiously with her. “Lady – you like is this a necklace?

She bought a few trinkets and the crowd began to gather. people who at first they thought they must have seen something, but gradually realized that it WAS her. Meanwhile, Prince Philip was in novelty shop through the way trying on glasses with bulging eyes, completely oblivious to the hype.

In 2014, at the age of 87, Queen Elizabeth decided she had never taken a “day trip” to Europe and wondered if it would be possible. possible. She said she received an invitation from President Giorgio Napolitano. of Italy, who wrote that he admired her very much and, since they were the same age, would she agree like come for dinner?

We set about the preparations and remembered that she had not yet met in new The Pope – Pope Francis – and can we live up to it in also?

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