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Meet the British couple who won £184 million EuroMillions jackpot and get ready to be amazed by what they bought first

He said they tried move house for long enough and he went on Correct move.

“you go on Right move and you set your limits on what can you afford and in in past everything we have of wanted far beyond what we can afford so I thought not need filter, i really can just look at something,” he said.

“Don’t Be Stupid”

Jess Thwaite told her husband woke her up saying it was “normal husband grumpy morning with wife”.

She said she told him “Just let me turn on the alarm off’ and he was like: ‘I have secret to tell you.”‘

44-year-The old one said that he told her that they won £184 million and her reaction was “Don’t be stupid”.

Mrs. Thwaite said that at the time she thought, “That’s funny.” game to play it’s wrong there’s obviously something wrong with Appendix. Let’s go to with this and let’s enjoy this moment of thinking that we won lottery because it’s not real.”

She said they decided to play the lottery office at 8 a.m. when it opens, adding: “I was like: ‘Okay, I’ll go make some coffee and get on with day.'”

When office told them that they “definitely won’ said Mrs Thwaite, ‘I didn’t think it was real to be honest. I still don’t think it is real.”

They asked if they would on working after their win, Jess Thwaite said, “I don’t think we are at the moment.

“I’m going to take some time with what and what we are going to do”.

Her husband Joe Thwaite said he served the notice in.

He said “I’m leaving work.”

Mrs Thwaite added: “I think we will have a full job managing all of This for quite a bit of time.”


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