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Mechanical students from Pécs bring old looms to life by creating 3D prototypes


According to an announcement from a higher education institution in Baranya, textile artist Livia Papai, a lecturer in the university’s art department, asked students to use tools that were donated to them for educational purposes and are now unavailable due to a lack of parts. After learning about the operation of the machines, the mechanical students set about designing and manufacturing the missing parts.

Art faculty and students helped find the mechanisms of the machines, while mechanical students gained information by studying working looms. On their basis, the form and function of the missing parts were created, Gyula Vasvari, acting head of the mechanical engineering department of PTE MIK, is quoted in the announcement.

The design also used a 3D printer, first printing the parts out of plastic to make them easier to modify, and then casting the final parts out of metal. Among other things, the students designed ratchet wheels, made screws, latches and custom-sized cranks.

Machining required turning, milling, and welding, which was also taught in mechanical training courses, and one of the faculty’s industrial partners helped create one of the irregularly shaped parts using laser cutting.

The task was also useful for future engineers, as they were able to get acquainted with a special tool that is not available in companies operating today. Studying the mechanics of a hundred years ago and mastering the mindset of the masters of that time develops an understanding of the connections and creativity that engineers need and will have in every era, emphasized the PTE announcement.

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