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Meadows took center stage in hundreds of 2020 election cancellation texts, book says | Trump administration

Mark Meadows President Donald Trump former head of the white house of staff was in the center of hundreds of incoming messages about ways to help Trump’s efforts to cancel the 2020 election results, judging by the texts, he has turned over to the Select Committee of the House of Representatives on January 6, which were published in a new book.

The texts included previously unrecorded messages, including group chat with Trump administration cabinet officials and plans object to Joe Biden’s electoral certification on January 6 by Republican members of Congress and one former US Attorney, as well as other Trump allies.

The Breach was received by The Guardian. in promote of its planned publication on Tuesday. Author former Republican congressman and senior Investigative Advisor Denver Riggleman, work It has already became controversial after being convicted panel as “unauthorized”.

Although most of the texts sent to and from Meadows, which include Riggleman, were public for months the book offers new understanding and fills in some gaps in how all three branches of government appear to have been involved in developing a strategy to prevent congressional certification on January 6.

Less than an hour after the election was announced for Biden, for For example, Rick Perry, Trump former energy secretary posted group chat with Meadows; housing secretary, Ben Carson; and agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue, this Trump should challenge call.

“Line POTUS should be: Biden says he [sic] the president. America will see big data says”- wrote Perry. “This lays the foundation for what are we going to prove”. While Carson was more cautious, Purdue didn’t seem to bother seeing concrete evidence of election fraud. “No exit!” He wrote.

former presidential final head of the white house of employees also received a text from Republican Senator Kevin Kramer, who forwarded a memo from then-North Dakota Attorney Drew Wrigley, who offered his advice for overturning results because “legitimate team It has made joke of the whole thing.”

“Demand a state recount of part-time / post-in ballots in line with pre-existing state law with as for comparing signatures,” Wrigley wrote. “If government officials refuse to recount, the legislature will act in accordance with the constitution, choosing a list of voters.”

Wrigley’s proposal reiterated that Trump’s legal address team will end up chasing in sending fake electors to Congress on January 6th to then Vice President Mike Pence refuse to certify Biden. win – scheme is now a part of a criminal US Attorney’s investigation in Washington.

The text from Wrigley is significant because justice department should remain over the political struggle. Wrigley’s note seems to mark the occasion of federal prosecutor approving a legally dubious scheme where there was not enough fraud to change the outcome of elections 2020.

BUT justice Failed to contact agency representative. for comment. Wrigley, now North Dakota State Attorney. general, also failed to contact immediately for comment.

Lyrics for Meadows also show Republican MPs begin finalizing objections to certification of only elections 2020 hours after Trump tweeted about “big protest,” which, according to a committee of the House of Representatives on January 6, mobilized far-right groups to prepare to storm the Capitol.

Electoral college vote certification for President-elect Joe Biden on January 6, 2021 Photo: Reuters

former the president sent a key tweet in early hours of December 19, 2020. panel previously described it as a catalyst that triggered Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, and Stop the Steal activists to discourage certification.

But the tweet also coincided with efforts by Republican lawmakers to complete objections to congressional certification of election of Joe Biden win, new texts from some of Trump’s most ardent supporters on Capitol Hill sent to Meadows show.

According to the published texts, several hours have passed since Trump sent his tweet. in book, Republican Congressman Jody Hayes texted Meadows to say he would “leading”Electoral College objection on January 6” – a few days before Trump, as you know, met with Republicans in the White House to discuss it.

congressman also told Meadows that Trump was “talking” with Marjorie Taylor Green, far-right Republican who was elected for a seat in the House of Representatives in Georgia, but has not yet been sworn in and is interested in meeting with ultra-conservative Freedom House caucus.

Hayes’ messages to Meadows came to critical Moment: It was the Saturday after the controversial Friday meeting at the White House where Trump had fun by capturing the vote machines and the appointment of conspiracy theorist lawyer Sidney Powell as special counsel to investigate electoral fraud.

Meeting to discuss objections to Biden win on January 6 was originally planned for in next Monday 21 December 2020 but it has been rescheduled for place on in next Tuesday, according to the book, citing additional messages sent by Republican Congressman Brian Babin.

Nine days after meeting with Trump, Republican members of Congress seemed to finish their objection to the plans, and Babin texted Meadows that “adversaries” would be given additional strategy session at the Institute for Conservative Partnership, where other events took place on January 6.

Time of in new messages to Meadows raised the likelihood that Trump’s tweet would move several plans it worked in concert, with Republican objections to alleged fraud give Pence an excuse throw out Biden votes because the rioters obstructed the process.

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