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McConnell: Al-Qaeda will return to Afghanistan.. Biden must undo the withdrawal

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who visited Washington to discuss the issue of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and McConnell issued a statement warning against the return of al-Qaeda and the destruction of the gains that America made in that country, calling on US President Joe Biden

“I was honored to welcome President Ghani to the Capitol at a critical moment in the relationship of our two countries,” McConnell said. He continued, “For decades, the people of Afghanistan and their democratic government have been essential partners in our common war against terrorism. During most of that time, brave Afghans took the lead in this fight and bore many casualties.”

President Biden’s decision to withdraw US forces leaves our Afghan partners alone to confront threats that his top advisers acknowledge are grave and worsening. The Taliban, emboldened by our withdrawal, is holding back years of progress especially on the rights of Afghan women and is now on its way to taking control of Kabul.”

McConnell explained that “increasing indications that this collapse may come soon after the completion of the US withdrawal are as tragic as they can be avoided. In the wake of the Taliban’s return, al-Qaeda is already preparing for an ambitious comeback of its own, which the defense secretary The president himself believes that it could lead to direct threats to the American homeland in less than two years.”

He warned, “Without changing American policy, I think this threat will come more quickly.” “President Ghani and the people of Afghanistan have every right to wonder why the Biden administration chose to abandon the fight and attract more terrorist threats,” he said, adding, “They are right to expect answers about how the United States will fulfill its commitments to the brave Afghans who helped American forces, and how we will help mitigate the fallout.”

He concluded, “I hope that the Biden administration will postpone the withdrawal, address these concerns, and reconsider its misguided retreat.”

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