Maybe King Charles show restraint and change the british royal family for a new era? | King Charles III

FROMAmilla, queen consort, once said that the fate of King Charles “did not weigh him down”. on his shoulders at all”, but he takes the throne with country in crisis and a monarchy seeking to change its role for modern age.

For what has been described as “50-year apprenticeship”, King Charles defended his causes and challenges, from better training and opportunities for young people to pollution and the climate crisis. He lobbied British ministers with letters described as “black Spider Notes, because of scrawled handwriting business leaders and called to action on in international scene.

Royal watchers say that for court of King Charles to succeed in in face of formidable challenges, one of his most important qualities will be need be restrained. He said in 2018 that like a king he will stop talking out on questions on that he strongly feels because he is “not that stupid”.

In his address to the nation on On Friday night, he said: “I now solemnly pledge to uphold the constitutional principles underlying of our people.” He said that his new life would mean he couldn’t give so much of his time and energy for charity and the issues that he cared so deeply about.

Sir Jonathon Porritt, who was a co-founder of prince of Wales Business and Sustainability Program and advised Prince on in environment said: “He will never give up ideas and passionate convictions, but way he will bring them to him role as a constitutional monarch will be completely different.

“I have a feeling that history will judge us lucky to have someone with very deep perspective on these problems because he thought about them more than any other politician I’ve come across.”

Despite King Charles’ promise to act within “constitutional parameters”, Ed Owens, royal historian and commentator, said King Charles was still in risk of to be in a conflict with his government over changing of the climate. He said, “Charles isn’t going to give up Platform on climate change because it’s such an integral part of it public image and he will keep talking about it. Now we have Jacob Rees-Mogg. in cabinet like business and energy secretary, who expressed skepticism about combating climate change. This is potentially extremely problematic.”

presided over by King Charles over royal house in quiet commotion. In the final of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June, just seven members of Royal family – King Charles with the queen consort and Prince William and his family – appeared on balcony with Queen.

This is the inner circle of Royal family – nicknamed the “magnificent seven” – who now key numbers. Among senior courtiers for several years that public not want pay the bill for huge monarchy.

Financing of Royal family was reformed in 2012 with a new sovereign grant paid out of proportion of profit from the crown estate which governs public property of monarch. new system meant that the royal court was subject to the same audit as other government expenses of the State Audit Office and the parliamentary public counting commission.

Operations of Royal property portfolio from Buckingham Palace to Balmoral will be under review under new king. One visitor said that Buckingham Palace was money pit that in some parts looked like “three-star hotel in suburban town where nothing has ever been thrown out”.

It was reported that King Charles and the queen consort might move to the apartment in Buckingham Palace looking like an arrangement in downing street, like “apartment above shop”. One option likely to be considered in Any review is it possible to increase public access to the palace and gardens.

King Charles likely to benefit from a surge in public support in in aftermath of queens death, but royal experts say the transformation of the monarchy comes with certain risks. Visibility of monarchy and public relationship image of what is often called a “firm” rely on on often boring, daily schedule of royal duties, from opening civic buildings and infrastructure to visiting charities events. In 2017, the Queen held out 296 engagements in United Kingdom; duke of Edinburgh 131; Prince Harry 139; and duke of York 220, according to Tim O’Donovan’s analysis, which he publishes every year in Letter to the once. Number of members of the royal family on frontline duties are reduced.

This was not foreseen when the members of the royal family moved towards more well-oiled operation that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would move overseas removal from royal duties and firing volleys from across the Atlantic. One royal observer said: “Charles in binding. He needs more members of the royal family who appeal to young people”.

maybe more serious for King Charles controversy over fundraising activities of his philanthropic activities. This was reported by the Metropolitan Police. in February, he launched an investigation into his charity Prince’s Foundation following allegations of of suggestions of awards or British citizenship for donations to his charity. Charity Executive Director Michael Fawcett, former King Charles’s valet, retired in Nov 2021 Clarence House previously said King Charles knew nothing of proposed proposals.

In June Sunday Times it turned out that King Charles had accepted cash donations totaling around £2.5 million, which were made prince of Welsh Charitable Trust. The Charity Commission said in July that he had no problems with the management of charitable organization and did not start an investigation.

Tom Bauer, author of biography rebel princesaid King Charles facing very difficult challenges. “He will struggle because follow the queen is impossible, and shake off his controversial past it will be monumentally difficult.”

Porrit said the controversy involving charities was about fundraising, in which he would no longer be involved. in: “It was complicated for him like a prince of Wales because he had an incredible range of obligations, and he had to raise money. you do need to step very careful.”

Country and global community will now benefit from the “instinct” of King Charles for bringing people together,” Porritt said, adding, “He often hosted initiatives where he brought people together with sharply divergent views. People who never sat down in room together. He always strives to establish common Earth.”

At 73, Charles is the oldest person to ascend the British throne. Porrit added: “I’ve never heard [from him] nothing but the feeling that this is what he was going to do at some point and he wanted put all your energy, care and foresight into it. I’m guessing he’ll think, “OK, now this is happening.”

Bob Morris former civil servant and honorary member of the Constitution Department of University College London, said test of in new the king will continue the royal family success in adaptation to change: “We are a completely different society than we were in 1952. This is a massive change, and the royal family did the right thing and adjusted. It was either sinking or swimming, but they showed discernment.”


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