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Massive PTI resignations raise suspicions: IHC

Islamabad High Court President Athar Minallah. – IHC website
  • PTI MNA Shakur Shad says he never retired.
  • The IHC instructs Shad to remain an MP.
  • The Court sends notices to the ECHR, the Secretariat of the National Assembly.

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) noted on Friday that PTI’s massive resignations became suspicious after an MP from party declared that he did not resign from his seat in the National Assembly.

PTI MNA Abdul Shakur Shad challenged his resignation in VVK, stating that he expressed solidarity with 123 MNA who It was left his seats, but he never retired.

Election Committee of Pakistan (ECP) has denounced 11 MNAs. of PTI including Shad after former Vice Speaker Qasim Suri resigns of 123 PTI deputies.

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah heard Shad’s case. justice instructed him to continue his work as an MP and also canceled the ECP notice that canceled his notice.

Two days after PTI chairman Imran Khan was removed from office prime minister – through no-confidence a movement spearheaded by the then opposition – all PTI MNAs resigned en masse on April 11.

Suri – who acted as Acting Speaker of the National Assembly after the departure of Assad Qaiser from the post of Speaker – accepted all resignations on 15 April.

However, after Raja Pervez Ashraf was appointed speaker, he decided to test the resignation. of all MPs by questioning each of them separately.

decision was adopted following reports that several resignations submitted by lawmakers were typed rather than handwritten, which against AN rules.

“Solidarity, not resignation”

Shad’s lawyer told IHC that his client party put his signature on show “solidarity” with other legislators who resigned.

“The resignation, however, was printed computer operator of in the party, which has neither a date nor an address, ”he told the court.

Lawyer said Shad was involved in also parliamentary proceedings. His attendance records also gift from the month of July, counsel said.

“So he ever called for a confirmation of about his resignation?” IHC asked, to which the lawyer replied that Shad had been asked to come in once, but could not go because he was ill.

“But after that he really participated in meetings of standing committees”, lawyer added.

After arguments, the court ordered Shad to continue working as a deputy. IHC CJ Minallah sent notices to the ECP and the SB Secretariat, requesting a response from them within two weeks.

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