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Massive cyberattack on critical infrastructure backed by Beijing targets Washington

Washington, several of its Western allies and Microsoft Corporation announced on Wednesday that a Beijing-backed “cyber actor” had infiltrated critical US infrastructure networks, warning that similar attacks could occur around the world.

In a joint alert, U.S. and other Western cybersecurity authorities said they had detected “a number of activities” related to “the state-funded cyber actor of the People’s Republic of China, also known as the Volt Typhoon.”

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The joint warning added that “this activity affects networks of critical sectors of the US infrastructure” and the party conducting this attack may “apply the same methods … around the world.”

In turn, in a separate statement from Microsoft, it says that Volt Typhoon has been active since mid-2021 and is targeting a number of vital infrastructure, including, in particular, a vital facility on the US island of Guam, where the United States has large military base. base in the Pacific.

In a statement, Microsoft warned that the attack could cause “critical communications infrastructure disruption between the United States and the Asian region in the event of future crises.”

“The observed behavior indicates that the actor intends to spy and keep its access (infrastructure) ability undetected for as long as possible,” the US technology group added.

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