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Massachusetts primary: Gov. Charlie Baker’s departure sets the stage for high stakes racing


Republican Governor Charlie Baker decision not seek re-election year turned the political life of Massachusetts worldparameter off struggle between ambitious members of both sides as the highest position that Baker won twice suddenly opened and set off dominoes effect down bulletin.

Despite its liberal reputation, Massachusetts has a long habit of of election of republican governors – Deval Patrick, who served two terms is the only Democrat to hold corner office on Beacon Hill since Michael Dukakis left it in 1991 – and even Baker in this era of sharp partisan divisions, usually interrogated as one of the most popular statesmen of the country.

His leaving in in face of intra-party opposition for his criticism of former President Donald Trump and perspective of primary challengepaved way for former State Rep. Jeff Diehl demands front-runner status for nomination from the Republican Party. Dil belongs to Trump pick in primary with businessman Chris Doughty, who despite the fact that it’s free of in former President claims his political brand is toxic in Gulf State and State Candidate like Dil would be doomed to defeat in in general elections.

In his approval of Dil last yearTrump basically scolded against Baker – who not yet announced he wouldn’t run again – condemnation of the governor as “RINO” or a Republican in Just a name and saying its climate policy views were “fresh out of AOC Playbook”, a reference to Progressive New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Jeff Deal, on on the other hand, is true patriot, believer in low energy costs and our independent energy policy”Trump said.

But Diehl, if he wins the nomination on Tuesday, would be a serious underdog compared to the expected Democratic nominee, state attorney general Maura Healy. who – in months of weighing her options – jumped to an empty seat race less than two months after Baker bowed out.

Healy announcement, in end of January, cleared the field of previously announced Democratic candidates. Her ability to raise funds and national growth that escalated during the Trump presidency, when she frequently challenged his administration in court, there made her household name among Commonwealth Democrats who thought she represented the partyx best chance overthrow Baker.

In addition to the top of democratic ticketpartyThe congressional delegation is almost settled after the last cycles of coup. Nobody of nine members of U.S. House of Representatives All-Democratic Delegation from Massachusetts facing main contender is year.

So much of the intrigue on Tuesday will come from the couple of primaries that may not have been close or even contested, in one case – if Baker was looking for a third term.

On the Republican side, Dil stuck in increasingly controversial competition with Doughty, who claimed to represent the Republican Party best chance defeat Healy in November. (Deal has a fortune in party support, but Doughty got enough delegates at his May convention to vote.)

Doughty – who said he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Trump in 2020 – received a late boost from influencers conservative radio host Howie Carr, who echoing the candidate’s chosenness argument, supported Doughty over Dil.

Meanwhile, Diehl and Leah Allen, his allied candidate for vice-governor, held a telemeeting with Trump on Monday morning.

Editorial staff of The Boston Globe board, though far from influential voice with Republican voters in the primary begged them (and eligible independents) to elect Doughty and begin “party reload.”

“This process will take years, but voters can jump-start this by choosing Doughty, calm voice for a more pragmatic conservatism, over Dil, devoted assistant of former President Donald Trump, board wrote.

Diehl pulls out of TV debates with Doughty (they discussed on Radio Carra show back in July), so WBZ in Boston last spent a weekvirtual debates” – individual interviews, back-to-back then editing parts of them together.

“He’s too extreme for of our state, he professes conspiracy theories, he has beliefs that just inconsistent with state of Massachusetts,” Doughty said. of Dil. “That makes him unelected.”

Diehl evaded the assertion when asked about it, focusing on on primary and spring convention of the Republican Party.

‘Til he’s 0-and-1 record”, Deal said. “At the convention, I think I beat him 71% to 29%. So that’s the statement, of of course, comes from any applicant.

Most competitive high-profile Democratic primary on Tuesday for appointment to replace Healy as state attorney general who pits former Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell first Black woman to serve in job and, if she became an AG, first Black woman to be elected throughout the state against labor litigation lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan. (NAACP Boston President Tanisha Sullivan, a black woman challenges the secretary of State William Galvin in Democratic primaries, it’s also vying to do history.)

Healy, who backed Campbell, stumped for her in in run-up to the main day. Member of the US House of Representatives Ayanna Pressly also supporting Campbell and made her case at the rally with signs for all three women behind them.

“We need courageous, fierce, visionary, inclusive leader like Andrea Campbell,” Pressley said. ” people deserved it. The moment demands it. And that’s what the job requires.”

Voters were thrown a late turn when a third candidate, attorney Quentin Palfrey, declined out last week and supported Campbell, joining Healy, Pressley and US Senator Ed Markey in a race who divided leading state progressives. (Palfrey was active candidate when early voting began, and his name remains on bulletin.)

Liss-Riordan supports of Senator Elizabeth Warren, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and former Acting Mayor of Boston Kim Janey – all three of whom feature noticeably in her final announcement.

“Shannon Liss-Riordan is the progressive champion Massachusetts needs. next advocate general”, Warren said. in announcing your approval late last month. “I know firsthand how Shannon fights back and wins against corporations and special interests that use of working families.

winner will face Republican Attorney James McMahon, who lost the 2018 Healy nomination who running without resistance on Tuesday.

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