Mass shooting of buffaloes – latestStory by: Payton Gendron on Suicide bombers watch Biden denounce ‘stain’ of racist violence

Mass shooting of bison: 10 recorded dead while the police are investigating the manifesto

Ten people are dead and there is a suspect in detention after armed offender with rifle and body armor open fire in the supermarket in Buffalo, New York on May 14, presumably one of deadliest racist murders in recent American history and deadliest mass shooting in United States in 2022.

Filming took place at the friendly Tops Market in block 1200 of Jefferson Avenue in States second-the largest city.

“It was pure evil,” said Erie County Sheriff John Garcia. in press conference on Saturday. “It was right up racially motivated hatred crime From someone outside of our community”.

Eighteen-year-Old Peyton Gendron of Broome County, New York, about 200 miles from the scene of the shooting, was arraigned and charged with murder in in first degree on Saturday, in which he pleaded not guilty. He on According to law enforcement agencies, while in prison, “suicides are monitored” and separately from other prisoners.

Thirteen people in total were shot. Among the victims were 11 blacks.

The shooter was broadcasting the massacre live and allegedly posted en online a manifesto that mentions racist and white nationalist stereotypes, as well as far-right conspiracy theories.

President Joe Biden said in a statement that “any action of domestic terrorism, including an act committed in title of disgusting white nationalist ideology, contrary to everything we stand for for in America.”


Biden denounces ‘white supremacist slur’ on soul of America’ in wake up of massacre

President Joe Biden called. on Americans work fight together against white supremacy and hate-motivated violence — the “stain on soul of America” ​​- after a clear racist massacre in which 18-year-old suspected shooter previously held antisemitic and racist views killing ten people and injuring at least three people in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. eleven of victims are black.

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Buffaloarea business for help with funeral expenses like Uber and Lyft help with grocery shopping during market temporarily closed

Enterprises in Buffalo, New York area we will support funeral expenses for ten people killed in clear racist massacre on Saturday, according to local authorities.

Al Sharpton and the National Action Network also provide financial help for funeral expenses.

Governor Kathy Hochul also said Uber and Lyft platforms would help residents with trips to the nearest grocery store stores while Tops Friendly Market is a website of killings – temporarily closed. She said its closure is turning a predominantly black neighborhood into a food desert.

“Anyone else who dare to violate the security to which every citizen is entitled … you just chose fight with 20 million New Yorkers,” the governor said at a press briefing. on Sunday afternoon.

Alex WoodwardMay 15, 2022 18:49


Suspect shooter on suicide watch sheriff says

Erie County Sheriff John Garcia told reporters. on Sunday, when suspected shooter Payton Gendron… who remains imprisoned after pleading not guilty to killing ten people on Saturday is on suicide watch.

he is being held in According to Sheriff Garcia, in a separate section from other prisoners.

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Buffalo police chief confirms suspect made “common threat” to high school last year

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia confirmed reports that Buffalo mass shooting suspect Payton Gendron made “common threat” to Susquehanna Valley Central High School last June and was delivered in for mental health assessment.

The police chief and New York officials gave update on case on Sunday afternoon.

“The evidence we have found so far does not mistake that is absolute racist hatred crime”, said Mr. Gramaglia. “It will be pursued like hate crime”.

Alex WoodwardMay 15, 2022 18:32


Biden: US should work together to end the taint of white supremacists on soul of America’

In a speech to the National Peacekeepers Memorial Service on On Sunday afternoon, President Joe Biden gave a speech about the mass shooting in Buffalo. in who is “a lone gunman, armed with weapon of war and hate-filled soul shot 10 innocents people in coolness at the grocery store store on Saturday afternoon.”

He said that while law enforcement and the US Department of Justice is still gathering facts in a case that is being investigated as hate speech crime and “racially motivated action of white supremacy and violent extremism,” he urged on Americans “work together to deal with the hate that remains spot on soul of America.”

“Our hearts are heavy once again but our resolve should never hesitate,” he said.

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Kamala Harris: “We are seeing an epidemic” of hatred throughout our country’

Vice President Kamala Harris said: “Our hearts are broken and we mourn.” for victims of terrible act of gun violence in buffalo and for their families and friends” in statement the morning after the mass shooting in Buffalo.

“Second gentleman and I pray for all those who knew and lost love,” she said.

vice president added what “what is clear that we are seeing an epidemic of hatred throughout our country, as evidenced by the acts of violence and intolerance”.

“We have to call This is out and condemn it. Racial hate crimes or acts of violent extremism hurts against all of us and we must do our best to ensure that our communities are protected from such actions,” she said.

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What we know about the victims of Apparent racist massacre on Saturday

At least four of ten people killed in the mass shooting is described as an act of According to reports from Buffalo News and New York Times.

Independent reported that retired police officer Aaron Salter, a security guard at the supermarket where the shooting took place took place described it son and Buffalo Police Chief Joseph Gramaglia as a “hero”.

Ruth Whitfield, grandmother of eight grandchildren and mother of four, “loved unconditionally” and was a member of her church choir.

“She was a blessing to all of us,” her son said former Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield. Buffalo News. “She loved God and taught us do the same.”

Katherine Massey, another customer of the store, was described as a “beautiful soul”.

New York Times also revealed 32-year-Old Roberta Drury among the victims. She was on store to buy food for dinner. She has always been the center of attention and made the whole room is smiling and laughing,” her sister told the newspaper.

Alex WoodwardMay 15, 2022 17:07


Former Trump official says Republican rhetoric directly inciting domestic terrorism

Racist theory espoused by several grassroots shooters, right-wing figures and Fox News figures resonates in apparent manifesto written by alleged shooter in Racist massacre on Saturday in Buffalo.

White supremacist ideology and conspiracy theory that Democrats seek power “replace” the Americans with immigrants have reached the halls of Congress was the backbone with Tucker Carlson, the most popular cable TV channel news personality in United States.

Here is Mr Carlson on his program just one year back: “I know what left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter will become literally hysterical if you use in term “replacement” if you’re suggesting that the Democratic Party is trying to replace current electorate, voters are now throwing ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the third world. But they get hysterical because that’s what’s really going on. Let’s just say it: it true”.

At that time, critics warned that his remarks “deadly meaning”, but the conspiracy theory spread in American politics.

BUT former official in Donald Trump administration now warning that rhetoric”directly inciting violence and spike in domestic terrorism.

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The shooter is under surveillance community how he planned the attack, according to officials

Peyton Gendron spent time in Buffalo’ scouting the supermarket as he planned the massacre in According to Mayor Byron Brown, this is a predominantly black area.

“This is sounds like he was here for maybe a few days after the reports that I heard and that he was actually watching this community was scouting in the supermarket, actually talked to some people in in area”, he told CNN.

Gov. Kathy Hochul said law enforcement believe Gendron who pleaded not guilty to murder 10 people on Saturday, “aimed at the busiest place in one of busiest times”.

“It was aimed at the zip code,” she said. network. “This was highest concentration of African Americans inside hours”.

This characteristic also is an in line with alleged manifesto posted suspect online. Gendron traveled more than 200 miles for about three hours According to the police, from Broome County.

Black residents account for about 78 percent of in population in the zip code where the Tops supermarket is located, according to the US Census Bureau.

Alex WoodwardMay 15, 2022 16:16


the FBI is looking for photos and video from the mass execution

the FBI created website seeking information murder-related of ten people at the grocery store store in Buffalo, New York, alleged white supremacist on May 14.

Special Agent in charge for buffalo area Stephen Belongia said the federal law enforcement agency is investigating the incident. attack like hate crime and business of racially motivated violent extremism.

“We won’t stop until everyone lead explored, every piece of the evidence is analyzed until we understand how and why this terrible tragedy and crime happened,” he told reporters. on Saturday.


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