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Maryam trips as the stage collapses during a visit to Rajanpur

In an unprecedented turn of PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz was standing on stage and collapsed in the middle of a speech, causing the politician to fall over while passers-by helped her regain her balance.

pressing on after its hesitant interruption, the PML-N leader continued the appeal flood victims in Fazilpur area of Rajanpur district in Punjab on Wednesday.

When Maryam was asked if she was suffering from any kind of injury, she replied, “I am fine and used to such injuries.”

Taking on Twitter she retweeted a short video clip with a message that said: “We should all join Arms. They are need us. To be honest, the destruction is huge.”

The PML-N stalwart visited various parts of the Punjab and interacted with flood affects like millions in Pakistan is suffering from floods caused by rain.

Sharing another tweet, she wrote that despite facing devastation after the flood, the child from Rajanpur did not forget his hearty laughter.

Nawaz Sharif also promised rebuild homes of in flood hit communities and compensate them against the losses they suffered in catastrophic floods triggered torrential monsoon rains, which turned into ferocious torrents from the hills, hit the areas of Rajanpur and Dera Ghazi Khan.

“I am here to promise that PML-N will leave no stone unturned. in service people. this is testing times what made people settle in aid camps. But they don’t have to worry. federal government Not only rebuild your homes but also compensate against loss, she said. added.

She distributed tents, food items, medicines, blankets and clothes among the victims. people.

According to preliminary estimates, the damage from deadly floods in more more than $10 billion, planning minister Ahsan Iqbal said. on Monday, adding that world has an obligation to help south asian nation coping with effects of human-made changing of the climate.

Unprecedented floods caused historic monsoon rains washed away roads, crops, infrastructure and bridges, killing at least 1000 people in recent weeks and affects more than 33 million

“I think it will be huge. While (a) very early, the preliminary estimate is that it is big higher over $10 billion,” Iqbal said. added.

“We have lost 1,000 human lives so far. almost damaged one million homes,” Iqbal said in his office. “People actually lost complete livelihood.”

minister said it might take five years to rebuild and restore the nation of 200 million people so far in nearest term he will face with severe food shortage.

(With additional data from APP and Reuters)

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