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Maryam Nawaz again asks for the return of the passport


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz appealed to Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday for Return of her passport, which she handed over to the BAC Deputy Registrar after being provided with post-arrest pledge in Case of Chaudhary Sugar Mills Limited (CSML).

In a petition filed through Muhammad Amjad Pervez’s lawyer, Maryam stated that “according to the record, an investigation has been launched on 11/14/2018, but the certificate has not been submitted. against in petitioner as of today, despite the break of about four years.”

The leader of the PML-N argued that “holding of the passport for for an indefinite period is tantamount to a violation of her fundamental rights of treatment in conformity with law, life, freedom, right of movement and equal protection of law”.

She claimed that on August 8, 2019, when she was visiting her father in Lahore Central Jail she was arrested in investigation initiated by the National Accountability Bureau and was banned completing her visit.

Maryam’s physical detention was handed over to the investigator. for 48 days after being sent to the detention center. In the end, petitioner was allowed post-arrest pledge on merit of the LHC, the petition says.

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According to the court order, she also surrendered her passport and deposited required amount of 70 million rupees.

She said in her petition that she cannot exercise her fundamental rights for in last four years, despite the absence of any indictment or legal proceedings since she surrendered her passport in agreement with court order.

“There can be no fear of evasion or otherwise in view of track record of in petitioner who despite the conviction against she came voluntarily back to Pakistan to surrender to the process of departure law behind her sick mother on death bed, petition added.

it added that in accordance with “established principles of administration of criminal justice system as also Fundamental rights, due process and fair trial are guaranteed, see Article 10-A. of constitution, presumption of innocence is imperative and even under trial [the] the accused does not lose fundamental rights of treatment”.

Judges refuse to consider petition

Earlier, three judges refused to consider the PML-N leader’s request for a passport to travel to Saudi Arabia and perform Die.

bench, led by Judge Syed Shahbaz Ali Rizvi, observed that the case should be heard appropriate bench which had already heard and gave her post-arrest pledge.

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Later, another division bench led by Judge Ali Bakar Najafi heard plea. As the trial began, Judge Najafi stated that fellow Judge Farooq Haider was unwilling to hear the case for unknown reasons.

The case file was then sent to Chief Justice Muhammad Amir Bhatti. with request to place it’s up to anyone bench.

Following this another bench led by Judge Najafi heard the case, but second judge member Asjad Javed Ghural was unwilling to hear the case and so it was sent to the head of the LHC. justice to be placed before another bench.

As a result, the petition was withdrawn. petitioner.

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