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March for Our Lives to host Saturday rallies amid renewed hype for gun control

DC March on Saturday at the Washington Monument set to feature slate of speakers for action on gun violence. Rallies also Planned in more over 400 US cities in almost all 50 US states on Saturday.

“After countless mass executions and incidents of gun violence in our communities, it’s time to take back to the streets and march for our life”, organizationх website states. “We marched in 2018 after Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting in Parkland, Florida and now we’re heading back in DS”.

Marches are accompanied by a new push in Congress for gun control. Legislators were facing strong pressure to act in commemoration of recent mass shootings and at least 10 Republicans need to vote with democrats in order clear 60-vote threshold break the filibuster and pass legislation.

Despite widespread opposition to the Republican Party, Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, lead democrat in bipartisan talks, told CNN that he thinks there will be more than 10 Republicans supporting gun safety measures in Senate.

“I think we’ll take package it will get more than 10 Republicans votes”, he told CNN correspondent John Berman. on “New day” on Thursday.

March for Our lives last held a rally in COLUMBIA REGION in 2018 after deadly Shooting at Parkland High School, Florida. Survivors of the shooting was a strong signal that Washington’s inaction on scourge of gun violence is no longer acceptable.

“Leaders, skeptics and cynics who said us sit down, shut up and wait your turn, welcome to the revolution.” – Marjorie Stoneman Douglas at the time student Cameron Caskey told the crowd in Washington of that time.

“Either represent people or get out. Stand for us or beware.


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