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Mar-a-Lago affidavit: the judge must decide key Trump paper printed


WEST PALM BEACH, Florida — The affidavit is at the center of the FBI’s wanted list. of former Florida President Trump home will remain under seal for at least another week, a federal judge ruled Thursday, giving the Justice Department seven days to edit the detailed document. in a way it wouldn’t interfere with his ongoing investigation if made public.

Referee, who signals that it is ready to print some of document, the message says bench that he will decide next Thursday.

Federal Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart called a hearing on Thursday after several media The media, including the Washington Post, called on the court to make public all documents related to the search for secret documents in Mar-A-Lago, Florida Trump home and place of residence.

The Department of Justice was adamant that the affidavit should remain sealed. BUT Ministry of Justice official told the judge on Thursday that his investigation was “open and in its initial stages. By printing the document now, government states, “will provide a roadmap and propose next investigative steps we’re going to take.”

Lawyers for several media The media claimed that the testimony should to be made public given its “historical significance” of Justice Department investigation.

“Transparency serves public interest in understanding and acceptance results. it good for in government as well as for court, Charles Tobin, lawyer for in media sockets, said in court on Thursday. “You can’t trust what you can’t see.”

Trump wants Mar-a-Lago affidavit released, some aides speculate risk

Trump called the investigation politically motivated, saying that on social media this week that he believes the document should be printed with no edits”in interest of TRANSPARENCY”.

However, his lawyers have not filed a formal petition with the court for such a position. Trump lawyer Christina Bobb showed up at the courthouse on Thursday, saying she in attend only to observe the proceedings.

Jay Bratt, who heads counterintelligence and export control department of the Ministry of Justice, governmentcase opposite the slate of lawyers representing news media. Bratt took an active part in investigation by visiting Mar-a-Lago in June to study materials Trump kept it there. The Department of Counterintelligence and Expert Control is investigating leaks of government secrets.

Bratt said releasing the affidavit would jeopardize well-being of names of witnesses in document and can have a frightening effect on other “who I can come forward and cooperate in in a government investigation”.

” government very concerned about safety of witnesses,” Brett said.

Former Justice Department officials who followed the case closely said the affidavit was unlikely to contain any “good” information for in former president, and as The Post reported earlier this week, Trump’s advisers failed to reach a consensus on will it be revealed in his best interest.

Law enforcement officials present such documents to the judge as part of of their application for search warrant. Affidavits usually contain information addressing the question of why the authorities believe there is evidence at a certain point property and other details about their investigation.

He became latest Flash point in the federal government continues criminal Trump controversy investigation with National Archives over materials taken from the White House when term ended last year.

Late last week, Judge with DOJ approval – printed search warrant and inventory list including general descriptions of secret materials federal agents say they recovered from Mar-a-Lago, former presidential club and place of residence in South Florida.

Ministry of Justice against release of Mar-a-Lago affidavit

Legal experts said the Justice Department’s reticence in releasing the document is consistent. with how The agency usually conducts investigations and that would be highly unusual. for issuing judge in full amid an ongoing investigation.

People who awarded with Trump in last days said former the President believes that any information made public on the investigation into his appeal of secret material anger his supporters, which will ultimately benefit him politically.

But others in Trump Orbit fear what is move can backfire because they are not know exactly what it contains.

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