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Manish Sisodia hit in the center after the call-up

“There have been a number of accidents of rape and murderManish Sisodia wrote.

New Delhi:

Delhi Vice Chief Minister Summoned Manish Sisodia for Interrogation by the central office of Investigation in liquor policy She stabbed in the center this evening, referring to the state of law and order in The national capital where series of murders have taken place newly. “I request you to please pay some attention to this matter as well,” he read his letter to Governor F. K. saxena, who He has given permission to investigate in liquor case.

The ruling Adami Public Party in Delhi has accused the BJP of leading the BJP government in the center of Unleashing political vendetta through the cause, using its representative in Delhi, Deputy Governor, Central Investigation Agencies.

“There have been a number of accidents of rape and murder over The last A few days,” Mr Sisodia wrote, citing three cases.

One of they death of A 27-year-Old, who succumbed to injuries on Saturday, after days of beating up three men. organized protests over The killing earlier in the day. he is also male appeal of A 17-year-Old on Dussehra, a double murder Apparently over Instagram followers And the last gang on schoolgirl on Building of A. Kendriya Vidyalaya.

“It looks like Delhi is now crime capital. Criminals are not afraid of Law. The constitution has given you responsibility of Adhere to law and order in Delhi. Delhi Police inform you directly. I ask you to please pay some attention to this as well… It will help people of Delhi, “Read a rough translation of his message in Indian.

Earlier today, Mr. Sisodia was summoned for Interrogated by the CBI, which is investigating controversial liquor policy issue. This is the first time to call in for Questioning. for him house Agency raided in August after the green light for An investigation by the Deputy Governor.

The AAP has announced that Mr Sisodia will now be arrested, because the BJP is “afraid” of the outcome of Assembly election in Gujarat. The party He initially said that the liquor issue was retaliation against the BJP over AAP’s work in The health and education sectors are widely appreciated.

Sisodia said he will fully cooperate with investigators. “My CBI raided house for 14 hoursNothing came out of He. She. searched bank treasury and found nothing. They didn’t find anything in my village. They have now called me to CBI headquarters at 11 am tomorrow. I’ll go and give Mine full Cooperat ” in Indian tweet.

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